Faithlife Corporation
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They are an honest company! Yesterday morning I received the following email from Logos:

Thank you for your recent upgrade to Logos Bible Software 5. We trust you’re enjoying your latest investment in better Bible study.

We recently rolled out some changes that affect upgrade pricing. Some prices went up, and some went down. Your particular upgrade was one that went down. Since we always do our best to make sure buying early brings the best discounts, we’ve added credit to your account in excess of the difference between what you paid and what you would pay now. It’s our way of saying thank you and assuring you of our commitment to protecting the investment of those who buy early.

Logos didn’t have to send me the credit. In fact I would have been none the wiser. But they did and I for one truly appreciate it. There is a nice $50 waiting for me to spend!

This review originally appeared at The Parson's Patch. Used with permission.