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My favorite Bible study application has just received a major upgrade. That’s right, Logos 5 is now available for PC and Mac. This major update adds many new features, enhances some older features and gives the user a new, cleaner interface. Logos 5 is built around connecting. Connecting people, places, and things within the Bible, connecting users to other students of the Bible and connecting you to God’s Word is what Logos does best.

New Features in Logos 5

Logos 5 is loaded with new features such as Clause Search, Sermon Starter Guide, Bible Sense Lexicon, Search Suggestions and much more. But, a couple of my favorite new features are Timeline, Bible Facts, Bibliography, and the Scripture Memory Tool.

The new Timeline allows you to look at events on a timeline to discover how different events connect with each other and with history. The new Timeline covers Genesis to the present, giving the user an unprecedented look at history and the Scriptures.

Bible Facts allows you to get instant information on any biblical person, place, thing, or event. Go to your tool tabs, choose Bible Facts, type in the name of your favorite Biblical character and sit back as Logos shows you that person’s genealogy, biblical references and events associated with your character.

The Bibliography makes the process of citing your research easy as clicking your mouse.  ust choose Bibliography from the Document menu and your Bibliography is created right before your eyes, containing all of the references from the materials you used in your research.

Not all of Logos 5 is dedicated to the Biblical scholar. The Scripture Memory Tool allows anyone to memorize Scripture or test your knowledge. Just create a passage list and start memorizing. Logos will even quiz you until you have your verses committed to memory.

These are just a few of the new features that are available in Logos 5.

The New Look of Logos 5

Logos 5 also comes with a new look. This cleaner interface allows for a much easier and productive study of God’s Word. Based on the previous version 4 to make the transition easy, the Logos 5 look is much more refined. The first thing that you will notice on the home page is that the information section that used to be on the top of the page has now moved to the left side. This makes it much easier to understand and see the information that is being presented.

When looking on the main Logos page the new look continues. The new icons for Home, Library, and Search make it much more easier to move around inside the program. These icons, alongside the Documents, Guides, and Tools menus, are much easier to use and understand than previous versions. These subtle changes have made the program much more intuitive and a pleasure to use.

In the past I have always felt that Logos was too bulky to just do a quick lookup of a Bible passage or to find the answer to a simple question. This is no longer the case, making Logos the perfect tool for just about any Bible study situation.

Logos 5 Bible Study Resource Packages

The Logos collection of packages has been updated with new resources and a new structure to coincide with the release of Logos 5. If you are a current Logos user, your upgrade to Logos 5 is based upon the books that you already own. Any collection or individual books that you previously owned will be available in Logos 5.  As always, once you purchase a Logos resource it will always be available to you.

To see the upgrade options available to you visit the Logos Upgrade calculator. Once you sign in, you will see the cost of upgrading your existing package. If you would like to keep your current library the same, but wish to enjoy the feature of the new Logos 5 software, simply check out the upgrade for the Starter package. You will only be charged for the features that you currently don’t own, making the upgrade process affordable to all existing subscribers.

Whatever option you choose, upgrading the program is as simple as logging in to your current Logos 4. Once logged in, the program will automatically start the upgrade process. The upgrade itself is quick and painless; however, depending on the size of your library, there may be a pretty hefty download of resources to follow the upgrade. Everything worked seamlessly as I upgraded my Logos library to version 5 on both my PC and Mac computers.

My Verdict on Logos 5

I have always been a huge Logos fan. I have used the software for many years and it has helped me tremendously in my studies and teaching. But, I have been extremely impressed with the changes and additions that Logos has put forth in version 5. The new features and new interface has made a helpful program even more useful. I highly recommend Logos 5 to anyone who wants to study and learn more about God’s Word.

If you are a current Logos user, upgrading is a no-brainer. The changes and additions make the program well worth the few dollars that it will cost you to upgrade. If you are like me, the investment that you have made in your resources is great and the rewards of upgrading to Logos 5 will be even greater.

If you are a new Logos user, then there has never been a better time to check out this powerful Bible study software. Start your library now and begin your adventure in learning.

No matter if you are a preacher, a teacher, or a layperson studying God’s Word, Logos Bible Study Software really is a one stop shop for everything you need to enhance your knowledge of the Scriptures and enhance your walk with Christ.

To learn more about the Logos 5 Bible Study Software, visit

This review originally appeared at Faith Village. Used with permission.