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Logos 5 has arrived courtesy the fine folk at Logos.  The resources in the package sent me are so massive and so extensive* that over the course of the next weeks I’ll be posting observations and remarks as I work my way through them.

For now, first, a word on the download:  it took a bit of time for the 1.55Gb + 700Mb to download on my low range DSL.  I suggest that if you aren’t blessed with a super fast connection (such as are found in most parts of the civilized world), you start the download when you go to bed and then in all likelihood when you wake up it will be finished.

Second, an observation on the resources available in the v5 Platinum package:  wow!  There are over 1000 books including some of the most important exegetical works of recent and distant history. This review originally appeared at Zwinglius Redivivus. Used with permission.