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I suppose the best way to discover what’s new in the latest incarnation of Logos is to let the developers tell you themselves.

I think it fairly important to know just what the differences between Logos 4 and Logos 5 are before one considers either an upgrade or a new acquisition. After all, if screen layout is all that changes, there’s little reason to upgrade, is there? But if there are substantive differences and those differences are features which one wishes to make use of, then an upgrade may be appropriate.

People, in short, should invest wisely in their biblical studies tools. That is, scholars and students should purchase only those materials which he or she will use sufficiently so as to garner benefit from them. And that, dear reader, is a decision that one can only make for oneself.

Even in the matter of Scripture study good stewardship is required. Given those facts, in the posts on this topic to follow, I’ll look more in-depth at the features of the new software and give you my opinion on them. More anon.

This review originally appeared at Zwinglius Redivivus. Used with permission.