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College student casts new light on forgiveness with ‘Rising Shadows’


Kirkdale Press‘ first young adult fantasy time travels to 12th century, tackles shadows from past

BELLINGHAM, Wash., June 27, 2012 — Well before crossing the stage with degree in hand, 20-year-old undergrad Ashley Townsend has made her mark with Kirkdale Press‘ first young adult fantasy novel, Rising Shadows. The up-and-coming author works a mature spiritual take on mercy and forgiveness into a riveting adventure that transports a young heroine into the middle of a perilous 12th-century conspiracy that she must unravel to return home.

“When we came across this manuscript and discovered it was written by a 20-year-old college student, we knew we had something special,” said Kirkdale Press Director Ryan Rotz. “A new era in Christian fantasy could be upon us, as Townsend balances faith, romance and adventure into a thrilling novel that will keep young adults eagerly scrolling from the first pages through the final chapter.”

Rising Shadows takes the reader through an early twist when the heroine, Sarah Matthews, sees her lazy summer unexpectedly morph into a dangerous 12th-century quest for survival. After she’s sucked through a time vacuum, she finds herself nearly a millennium back. Sarah must petition the mysterious Shadow to help her uncover a conspiracy framing her handsome, mysterious blacksmith friend, who’s plagued by a debilitating past riddled with guilt and regret. If she cannot lead her friend on the path of forgiveness and uncover the truth buried beneath false allegations of witchcraft, her only ticket back to the future could expire.

Townsend injected much of herself into the pages of Rising Shadows.

“Sarah definitely gets her sarcasm and sense of adventure from me,” Townsend explained. “And the Shadow is one of those mysterious characters that causes me to giggle whenever I read about him and makes me wish I could be his sidekick … and his damsel.”

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For more information on Rising Shadows and Ashley Townsend, click here.

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