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Bigger Libraries, Better Software

- Logos Bible Software Re-Launches -

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Contact: Phil Gons (360) 685-2314, Dan Pritchett (360) 685-2335
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Bigger Libraries, Better Software
- Logos Bible Software Re-Launches -

People who study the Bible love books, and Logos Research Systems, Inc., is providing more books than ever in its newly-launched products, the company announced today.

Logos is rolling out brand new products for the Logos Bible Software Series X line that have more content and an improved interface. New products carry the same names as the former line, but represent a major enhancement in terms of value.

The number of titles in each "Library" product has been increased—while the price of each remains unchanged—giving customers even more value for the dollar! The value of print equivalent titles in Scholar’s Library, for example, grew from $5,000 to more than $5,700, an increase of nearly 15%.

In addition to new books, a number of new automation addin modules—components responsible for automating common Bible research tasks—have been integrated into the "Library" products. These addins have been available as individual purchases, and were previously released as part of Biblical Languages Supplement. Scholar’s Library, for example, now includes 13 addin modules, up from seven. The new addin modules in Scholar’s Library provide exciting features like sentence diagramming, visual mark-up of texts, a graphical search interface, and charts with easy-to-grasp views of search results, morphological features, and translation differences.

"Bundling these new addin modules with the ‘Library’ collections makes it easier, and more affordable, for customers to get the latest and greatest Bible study automation features coming out of our research and development effort," said Dale Pritchett, vice president of sales and marketing for Logos.

The new products are also built on the latest core software technology from Logos, the Libronix Digital Library System version 2.1. This version contains all the most recent features and enhancements to the software.

Building on the success of the top-end Scholar’s Library product, the company expanded the line from six to seven products by adding a new, even larger, collection called Scholar’s Library Silver Edition. This product contains nearly 400 titles worth over $8,000.00 in equivalent print editions.

"Scholar’s Library has been our perennial top-seller because people who are serious about Bible study naturally want a lot of quality books in their digital library. The more books they have, the more solid information is at their fingertips when they study Scripture," said Pritchett. "Scholar’s Library Silver Edition takes this principle to the next level…in fact, it represents the best value in Bible software on the planet."

Logos Research Systems will offer special pricing for current users who want to upgrade an existing "Library" product to one of the new products. Customers can call 800-875-6467 for more information.

In 2001, Logos introduced Logos Bible Software Series X with five collections, each tailored for the needs of a specific category of user: Scholar’s Library, Pastor’s Library, Original Languages Library, Bible Study Library, and Christian Home Library. Logos released Biblioteca de Estudio Bíblico, a Spanish-language collection, in 2003.

About Logos Research Systems, Inc.

Logos Research Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation located in Bellingham, Wash., is the leading publisher of high-end, award-winning, multilingual Bible software. The company serves church, academic and lay markets, striving to bring the best in software innovation to Christians worldwide. Logos can be found on the web at:

Libronix Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Logos Research Systems, Inc., delivers technology and services that help publishers build one-to-one relationships with users through an integrated, commerce-enabled digital library system. Libronix can be found on the web at:

Last Updated: 12/5/2007