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Press Release

Release Date: September 10, 2008
Contact: Phil Gons (360) 685-2314

1,000+ Christian Webmasters Install RefTagger

BELLINGHAM, WA—September 10, 2008—RefTagger, the hottest new free tool for Christian websites, allows website visitors to simply hover their mouse cursor over any Bible reference and instantly see the full text of that verse. Since the release of RefTagger just a few months ago, it has already been installed on more than 1,000 Christian websites.

RefTagger can be added to blogs or websites with the simple cut and paste of a few lines of html. Once added, every Bible reference cited on the website or blog is automatically transformed into a hyperlink and pop-up display so web visitors can see the full text of the verse.

RefTagger does just what its name implies—it tags references. Before RefTagger, webmasters and bloggers had to look up a Bible reference at BibleGateway and then create a hyperlink to that reference and then go back and insert it on the webpage, making sure to tag each reference just right. Now with RefTagger all the work is done for you—automatically. Not only can a blogger or webmaster not worry about ever creating another Bible hyperlink again, but now every Bible reference they have ever added to their site is instantly and automatically updated for them. In just five minutes, a website or blog that has been around for ten years and has thousands of Bible references in the archives can have every one of the old references instantly linked.

Ray Gano of World Changers Youth Ministries says, “I love this! I just updated our blog/devotion page to include RefTagger. I used to manually create links to BibleGateway, but quickly grew tired of it. Now I don't have to even think about it. What a wonderful tool!”

Some of the more notable sites that have incorporated this handy and easy-to-use script include Desiring God, Grace to You, Vision, Ray Comfort’s Atheist Central, and Theopedia. And with the number of religious blogs springing up daily on WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, and Drupal, RefTagger is not looking to slow down any time soon.

Additional information and examples of active RefTagger sites are available at:

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