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Pastorum scholars to unpack God’s plan for the church


Second annual conference, presented by Logos Bible Software, to take place April 11–12 in Chicago

BELLINGHAM, Wash, January 22, 2013 — Seeking to understand the church’s purpose through the ages, 10 of the world’s leading Bible scholars will guide attendees from Genesis to Revelation at Logos Bible Software’s second annual Pastorum Live Conference, April 11–12 in Chicago. Drs. Mark Futato, Michael Goheen, John Walton and others will be speaking on God’s mission for the church and analyzing Scripture for truths to be applied in local churches across America.

“Pastorum can really serve to key people in to what it is that the Bible is doing,” says featured Pastorum speaker John Walton, Ph.D., author and professor at Wheaton College, who also taught at the Moody Bible Institute for two decades. “I’m glad that there is Pastorum . . . it is badly needed.”

Pastorum 2013 will seek to answer one of Christians’ most frequently asked questions: “What is the church’s purpose in the world?” Speakers will weigh many popular answers — worship, social reform, Bible study, establishing God’s Kingdom, glorifying God, evangelism, etc. — and examine their validity against Scripture.

Each Pastorum session will revive theological knowledge through panel discussions that explore how the Bible’s cultures parallel or contrast with today’s. Speakers will share ideas for applying these difficult academic topics so that attendees can easily share them with their congregations.

“I have learned tremendously sitting in the audience from my colleagues and [am] just extremely honored to be able to have listened to all the insight they have,” says David E. Garland, Ph.D., author and dean of George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University.

“I think Pastorum is doing a great job gathering together pastors and academics to coordinate with one another and to help one another in their ministries,” says Scot McKnight, Ph.D., author and professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary.

Attendees who register by January 31 get a discounted $79 admission, and the first 300 registrants will receive a video recording of the entire conference for free.

For more information about Pastorum, watch the video here and register here

The Pastorum Live conference approaches the Bible as an organic whole. Pastors and Bible students will learn from 10 of the world’s leading Bible scholars as they examine the Scriptures in the context of God’s grand narrative. Pastorum Live takes place in Chicago April 11–12.

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