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Christian leader wages war through prayer in provoking new ebook


‘The Front Line’ poised to awaken America from prayer coma before National Day of Prayer 2012

BELLINGHAM, Wash., March 21, 2012 — National Day of Prayer Task Force Vice Chair John Bornschein casts away the peaceful and pastoral imagery of prayer with his new digital book, The Front Line: A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle, and unveils it for what it really is—a powerful weapon. This evocative title is published by Kirkdale Press, the new imprint from Logos Bible Software. Kirkdale’s ebooks are available through the Vyrso ereader app, which gives users advanced features for a unique and rich reading experience. The Front Line is also available on Kindle, Nook and other ereaders.

“Kirkdale Press is on the cutting edge of information dissemination,” said Bornschein. “I am thrilled to have The Front Line in ebook format, [as] the information in this book is now accessible to the entire world and is only a few clicks away.”

Bornschein’s book, which comes out just in time for this year’s National Day of Prayer, sets out to lay aside many common misconceptions about prayer and set the record—and America—straight. Bornschein, a frequent host on the “Family Talk” broadcast and Salem’s “Life Today” radio program, is not afraid to sound the battle cry and take the Church through spiritual boot camp.

“I remain convinced that heartfelt and persistent prayer has never been more crucial,” Bornschein expressed.

Bornschein contends that Christians oftentimes face their daily battles without prayer, going into their struggles alone.

“Christians … often lump prayer into the category of the intangibles and wield it as a last resort when confronted with difficult situations,” Bornschein asserts. “Far too often, it has to be a really difficult situation to merit a little humility to push us to our knees. It is amazing how we struggle with the concept of prayer.”

As our nation faces new and difficult challenges, Bornschein believes that now—more than ever—Christians need to equip themselves with everything they have in their arsenal.

“With inspirational stories, tools and resources, The Front Line enables new recruits and seasoned prayer warriors alike to gain a greater understanding of the number one weapon in spiritual warfare—prayer,” Bornschein added. “It is my hope that once they have read through The Front Line, they will never see prayer the same way again. It’s a journey I encourage all to experience.”

Kirkdale Press is a new digital publishing imprint from Logos Bible Software. Publishing new voices in Christian living and fiction, Kirkdale Press builds on Logos’ 20 years of leadership in electronic Christian resources. Kirkdale ebooks are available through Vyrso, the Christian ereader app from Logos, as well as the Kindle, Nook, Kobo and other ereaders.

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