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Unabridged Liddell-Scott-Jones Published Electronically for the First Time Ever
- Now Easy to Read, 7.5 Pounds Lighter, and Fully Re-Integrated -

The unabridged version of the most well-respected and comprehensive Greek-English lexicon is now within easy reach of students of Greek for the first time. Logos Research Systems announces the release of Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon (LSJ) in electronic format, making this invaluable reference instantly searchable, more legible, more portable, and fully re-integrated into a single volume.

For the student of Greek, LSJ needs no introduction. As the unrivalled king of classical Greek lexicons, it graces many a library reference shelf but fewer office shelves and very few students’ desks. Most students are advised to purchase the "intermediate" abridgement of the work rather than the full version. The sheer bulk of this volume, combined with a minute typeface (an average of 63 articles are squeezed onto every page), printing artifacts (entire words missing in come cases), and price have kept it out of reach of many.

Benefits of the Electronic Edition

The electronic edition of LSJ from Logos Research Systems is more legible, convenient, and quicker to use than any previous edition. These improvements make it more accessible to both students and instructors of classical Greek.

The Revised Supplement (1996) has been integrated back into the Main Dictionary, eliminating the need to look in two places to view one entry. The editors of the 1996 print edition did not modify the entries in-line, but instead attached a 320-page Supplement at the back of the volume containing revisions to more than 26,000 articles (one-fifth of the total number). A revision might read "delete the entry" or "for ‘continuous’ read ‘instantaneous.’" The reader had to flip between Main Dictionary and Supplement to manually reconcile the two entries. The electronic edition is the first to carry out all these instructions, fully integrating the information under each headword.

The electronic edition of LSJ is easy to read, even if your eyesight is not what it used to be. The densely-packed columns and cramped typeface used in the print edition are replaced with generous white space and a very readable font that can be scaled to suit the user’s needs. Great pains have been taken to reconstruct letters or words obliterated by many years of offset printing. Indentation has been added to accentuate the outline structure of articles, making them easier to comprehend at a glance.

Every word, whether English or Greek, is fully searchable using a clean, intuitive interface. What’s more, the electronic edition implements searchable fields providing added functionality. Searches can be limited to italicized text (definition glosses), text within square brackets (prosodial remarks), or text within parentheses (etymological remarks).

The electronic edition of LSJ is built on the Libronix Digital Library System, an application for delivering digital libraries of 1 to 10,000 reference works. The core engine can be downloaded for free and is updated frequently by a team of developers. With an easy-to-use interface; powerful, multilingual search capabilities; and compatibility with a list of more than 4,000 Bible reference titles, the software has become the worldwide leader in reference software for biblical studies.

About the company

Logos Research Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation located in Bellingham, Wash., is the leading publisher of high-end, award-winning, multilingual Bible software. The company serves church, academic and lay markets, striving to bring the best in software innovation to Christians worldwide. Logos can be found on the web at:

Libronix Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Logos Research Systems, Inc., delivers technology and services that help publishers build one-to-one relationships with users through an integrated, commerce-enabled digital library system. Libronix can be found on the web at: