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Release Date: June 27, 2002

Logos Bible Software Lights Up the Sony Jumbotron
At National Baptist Congress

ST. LOUIS, MO - On a recent Friday night at the Edward Jones Dome (home of the St. Louis Rams), some 17,000 spectators reacted with "oohs" and "aahs" to what they saw on the Jumbotron. Capturing their attention on the big screen was not Kurt Warner but a live demonstration of Logos Bible Software Series X, the brand new software that makes Bible study not only easy to do-but fun, too.

Pastors and lay people attending the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education bought a record number of Logos Research Systems' top-end, kitchen-sink package: the Scholar's Library - Logos Bible Software Series X.

The event comes at a time when sales of Logos Bible Software are at an all-time high. "We're on track to have our best June ever," said Bob Pritchett, president, Logos Research Systems, Inc. "Sales of the new Logos Bible Software Series X have exceeded our expectations."

Some pastors buying software at the convention did so in response to their friends' urging, "If you don't have the new Logos, you don't have anything."

Explains Pritchett, "In the ten years we've been selling Logos Bible Software we've never had a better product-it's not just a luxury product to accelerate paper-based Bible study, it's a tool that changes the way people study and has a significant impact on the depth of their study and ministry."

In addition to the Jumbotron presentation, Logos was given 30 minutes to demonstrate Logos Bible Software before more than 1,000 pastors. The presentation followed Rev. Jesse Jackson's keynote address at a late-night dinner and generated great interest on the part of the pastors.

"The response was awesome," said presenter Scott Lindsey, director, ministry relations, Logos Research Systems. "You would have thought I was preaching a sermon from all the 'Amens.' Every pastor that purchased commented on what an incredible tool Logos has created. And one pastor told his fellow ministers, 'If you have to pawn something to buy Scholar's-DO IT!'"

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