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Kirkdale Press rereleases biblical scholar’s extraterrestrial thriller


Newly signed author combines biblical studies, UFO research

BELLINGHAM, Wash., December 4, 2012 — Logos Bible Software’s publishing imprint, Kirkdale Press, is rereleasing biblical scholar Michael S. Heiser’s thriller The Façade, a novel about a secret government project involving extraterrestrial life. Heiser blends fiction and real-life academic and biblical research — every government document, ancient text, event and person (aside from the characters) is real.

“It’s only been the relatively recent linking of Darwinism to
the . . . possibility of extraterrestrial life that has turned the believing Church against the idea,” says Heiser, whose novel suggests that Christians who believe in extraterrestrial life are not necessarily heretics.

The most surprising thing Heiser uncovered during his research, he says, is “how much de-classified government documentation exists regarding the UFO problem. . . . Despite the U.S.’s refusal to go [so far as releasing all UFO documents], the documents from the U.S. government that have been de-classified are still surprisingly rich”

“There is nothing in Scripture that forbids an intelligent extraterrestrial,” he adds. “For some reason, many Christians assume that extraterrestrial life can’t exist since the Bible doesn’t mention it. That’s a flawed way of thinking. . . . The Bible never presents itself as the repository of all things that exist and are real.”

Heiser has been featured on various talk and radio shows on the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and he appears in the popular documentary Ancient Aliens Debunked.

For more information on Michael S. Heiser and The Façade, click here

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