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Logos sets world record for 'Largest Company Cheesesteak Party'

Bible software leader steals a little Philly from Seattle through a little marketing know-how

BELLINGHAM, Wash.—The folks at Logos Bible Software persuaded the Philly Boys to get a little northern exposure and drive their cheesesteak truck 100 miles to give Bellingham a taste of Philadelphia. Employees at Logos ended up not only breaking their hunger; they broke the world record on for the "Largest Company Cheesesteak Party," as the Philly Boys served them 200 cheesesteaks. The two-hour line extended down the block—260 sandwiches were sold in all.

iOS Preview “It's been said that the marketing department at Logos can make anything happen, and when it set out to get the Philly Boys Cheesesteak truck to our headquarters in downtown Bellingham, Washington, it was only a matter of time,” said Logos Executive Vice President Dan Pritchett. “We were happy to engage with our community and let them in on our tasty secret. Logos is a place where we let our staff experiment with their skills and try new things to expand their skill set ... and not just focus 100 percent on their work all the time. We love to be part of the downtown scene and try things just because we can.”

At Logos' Pacific Northwest headquarters, there are quite a few Philadelphia natives who are homesick for Philly cheesesteak. When they heard about the Philly Boys' truck, they became obsessed with bringing it to Bellingham. Soon, the dream became a reality when they persuaded the Philly Boys to take their trailer on the road.

One of Logos' Philly-area natives is executive vice president Dan Pritchett, who recently returned from the Winter Classic in Philadelphia, is a die-hard Flyers fan and can't pass up a genuine Philly cheesesteak ... even 3,000 miles away.

“When our team heard about the truck, they were dead set on devouring the sandwiches, got it in the news, started a social networking marketing campaign and did a lot of groundwork through its own strategic efforts to coax the Philly Boys to come here,” said Pritchett. “We have a ton of openings here and want people to come and work at a place where we use our skills to not only promote the best Bible software in the world, but also to do fun things for our staff.”

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