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Potentials Reviews

Interested in reviewing Logos Bible Software 4? Email Nathan Smoyer with the following:

  • Name of media outlet in which your review will appear
  • Titles (and links if applicable) of past articles or reviews you've had published
  • Description of target audience
  • Size and/or interaction level of target audience
  • Angle you intend to take
  • Brief explanation of how review will help 1) get the word out to people who don't already know about Logos and/or 2) convince them that Logos will fill a particular need they have.

Upcoming Reviews

Q: Where do I start my review?

A: These steps are a basic guide to getting familiar with your review copy:

  • Set up Logos 4
    • Download and run the .dmg file (Mac) or the .exe (PC).
    • Once the software is installed and running, you will be prompted to enter the user name and password associated with your account.
    • Logos 4 will automatically download all your resources and index your digital library.
  • In the command bar, type "open passage guide to [verse range]" or "open exegetical guide to [verse range]" followed by a bible reference (e.g. Gal. 1:15) and click go!
  • Explore the Passage Guide or Exegetical Guide. Click on a book title to open it in a new tab. Run some of the other powerful tools from the "tools" and "guides" dropdown menus across the top of the screen.
  • For video tutorials on both basic and advanced features of the software, visit


Q: What topics should my review cover?

A: A thorough review evaluates the product on at least a few different dimensions: breadth, depth, and quality of content; usability of interface; power and utility of automation/tools/reports; and some description of noteable/unique features. Try to include some suggestions of practical ways your readers might use the software and descriptions of specific reports and searches you found especially helpful.


Q: How do I do _______ with the software?

A: For video tutorials on both basic and advanced features of the software, visit A number of tutorial and informational articles are also available at: Feel free to email or for additional help.

Q: What is the concept behind Logos Bible Software?

A: The central metaphor Logos Bible Software is the universal digital library. There are three components to the digital library: books, technology, and cross-platform usability.

  • Books offered by Logos reflect the layout of their print originals (including illustrations and page numbers). The digital library can be easily expanded by unlocking (purchasing) additional books from among the 12,000+ titles compatible with Logos Bible Software.
  • The core technology does what a librarian would do in a physical library: it acquires, catalogs, and organizes your library's resources, and helps you, the digital library patron, find the information you are seeking.
  • Logos' cross-platform usability makes the books and technology (above) available on the go and from unlimited work stations. Users can access their libraries from mobile devices, online, and on Mac and PC computers.


Q: What is the full name of a particular “Logos 4” product?

A: The full name of a particular product would be, for example, Logos Bible Software Scholars: Gold.


Q: What about compatibility between software packages?

A: A user can buy a product from any publisher using the Logos' technology and integrate it with any other Logos product. Just like a personal library of print books, the Logos Bible Software system grows with you. In fact, the resources is backward compatible, so if a user owns an older product he can upgrade to Logos 4 and keep all his books.

This ubiquity gives Logos the greatest depth of content (currently over 14,000 titles from more than 130 publishers) of any Bible software developer.


Q: What is meant by “locked” and “unlocked” books?

A: A locked book represents a potential addition to your library. An unlocked book is one you have already purchased in our format.


Q: What happens to my licenses if I upgrade my computer or have to reinstall the software for any reason?

A: Nothing. Simply follow the steps outlined above for setting Logos 4 up, and you'll regain access to all your resources.


Q: Where online can I find press docs, images, news, testimonials and other reviews?

A: Visit the Logos online press room to view the latest news and media resources: