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Logos Bible Software Series X Features
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Quick Look

Enter Passage, Click "Go!"


Logos Bible Software Series X is the easiest to use and most powerful Bible software ever created. It simply does the work for you. Just enter a passage and click "Go!" Logos Bible Software Series X automatically searches and opens the applicable books in your digital library to the right page and article.

Logos Bible Software Series X delivers a deeper, more comprehensive study of Scripture in a fraction of the time and effort involved in "paper" Bible study. It frees the user from tedious tasks associated with Bible study, leaving more time to explore, discover and apply.

Logos Bible Software Series X allows users to effortlessly search their entire library for relevant results, to jump between resources without juggling books or hunting through pages, and to seamlessly integrate and index newly purchased titles. In short, like a good personal research assistant it turns information into answers.

In Depth Search Your Library With Ease
  The software is designed for the first-time Bible software user as well as the power user. After installation, you are presented with a choice—you can simply enter a passage or a topic and click "Go!" If you enter a passage, the software opens your favorite Bible to your passage, pulls out all the relevant books, and opens them to the appropriate page and paragraph so all you have to do is point and click on what you want to read. If you enter a topic, you will be presented with a list of immediately relevant articles as well as an option to deep search your entire library for the topical keyword(s) entered.

Double-click on almost any word in any text to instantly find it in a dictionary or lexicon. Right-click on a word or Bible reference to initiate a powerful search for it in the open book or in your entire library. Look up cross-references without even clicking. Simply hover the mouse over any link—to a Bible reference or anything else—and a preview popup window will appear, saving you time and eliminating needless "back and forth" jumping between books. 

Tap Into The Power
Logos Bible Software Series X searches deliver results that are both thorough and relevant. Most people use only a small percentage of their paper library when studying the Bible using traditional methods. They may not realize that valuable information resides in a work buried on the bookshelf. By contrast, Logos Bible Software Series X enables you to deep search every page of all available resources, which means that no book gathers dust.

Save Time With Automated Reports
Logos Bible Software Series X packages come loaded with Automation Addin modules and reports that automatically perform complex Bible study tasks.

The Word Study Guide report reads the Bible passage and generates a word-by-word guide to the passage with the underlying Strong’s number, Greek or Hebrew root-word (in script and in transliteration), and links to dictionary and lexicon entries for each word.

The Parallel Bible Versions report lets you display a specific passage in as many Bible translations or versions as you’d like, with the results in a verse-by-verse grid for easy viewing, printing, and comparison of different translations. Passage in All Versions is a quick tool for showing a specific verse or passage in every Bible version you have.

The powerful Auto Lookup report scans the article you’re viewing, looks up all the Bible references, footnotes, etc., and collects them into one easy-to-read report. Verse List performs a similar function on web pages, compiling into a single report all Bible verses referenced on any HTML page anywhere.

Personalize Your Workspace
You need not fear interruption, since you can save your workspace (including all open texts and windows) when called away, and restore it upon return. This feature also lets you manage multiple studies at once, quickly returning to where you left off in each one. An automatic History feature lets you see where your current study has taken you and quickly jump back to anything you’ve seen. Within a text, a Bookmark is a quick-and-easy way to "put a finger in a page" and return to it later.

Personalize Your Search
If you prefer one version of the Bible to another, you can set your preferences to favor that version. Popup windows will show biblical text in that version and searches will give it first priority. You can also list reference works (concordances, commentaries, dictionaries, etc.) in order of preference to regularly bring favorite resources to the fore when searching.

Personalize Your Texts

Powerful annotation capabilities let you take notes on any part of a book. Notes can be organized automatically or you can choose to sort them yourself using the built-in outliner. You can use notes to highlight texts in various styles—glow, highlight, underline—and colors.

Get Personal With God

The Prayer List feature appears at startup on the home page and helps you maintain a prayer list, track your rotation through it, and keep a record of answered prayers. A Bible Reading Scheduler lets you build flexible, customized schedules for teaching or reading the Bible.

Dig Deeper Into The Original Languages

[Scholar's Silver, Scholar’s Library and Original Languages Library only]

The Exegetical Guide is a powerful tool for working with the Greek or Hebrew scriptures. It generates a custom report with roots, parsings, English glosses and more for each word in a passage, listed in passage order, creating a convenient, ready-to-print report that organizes dozens of resources around the passage you’re studying. The Lemma Report is an automated research tool that pulls together everything you want to know about a single Hebrew or Greek lemma, including relevant entries in all original language reference works and a comprehensive list of occurrences in the Bible, fully parsed.

This is the first Bible software that helps do the work of study for you. It doesn’t just speed up the process of studying with paper books, it actually acts as a research assistant—looking up relevant articles, organizing content around your specific study, automatically collecting material and generating reports tailored to your study.