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Logos Research Systems, Inc. & Libronix Corporation
Company Background

A Brief History
Logos Research Systems, Inc.,  (d.b.a. Logos Bible Software) was founded in 1992 by two Microsoft employees, Bob Pritchett and Kiernon Reiniger, along with Bob's father, Dale Pritchett. The three "quit their day jobs" to pursue the vision of delivering top-notch software tools to Christian users. 

Bob and Kiernon produced the first commercial Bible software for Windows: Logos Bible Software for Microsoft Windows v1.0. With Dale contributing his expertise in sales, marketing, and publisher relations, that release quickly became the high-end standard for Bible software and numerous product upgrades and library expansions were offered over the next decade. In 1995, Logos released version 2.0 of the software, which became one of the first commercial applications to use Unicode technology. In 2001, the all-new Logos Bible Software Series X product line was launched, based on a more flexible, more powerful architecture dubbed the Libronix Digital Library System Libronix DLS).

Logos Today
Since its inception, Logos Bible Software has grown from an operation run, literally, from the basement of the Pritchett home into the largest developer of software for the Christian market and a worldwide leader in multilingual electronic publishing. Libronix DLS is being used to deliver Bible reference libraries to customers around the world in English, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Afrikaans, and many other languages.

Currently there are more than 9,000 titles from over 100 publishers formatted for the Libronix DLS, including titles from premier publishing houses such as Oxford University Press, Eisenbrauns, Brill, Bantam Doubleday Dell, Thomas Nelson, Merriam Webster, T&T Clark International, Eerdmans, Moody Press and Baker.

Logos now produces high-end tools for studying biblical texts in their original languages along with the largest electronic libraries for study of the Bible. The combination of tools and texts within the software now make it possible, for the first time ever, to perform in-depth biblical language research from the same software application that holds the largest and most advanced electronic Bible reference library available. The unified, integrated research platform reduces the cost and learning curve associated with having to own and maintain a separate software package for each style of study.

Projects underway include the development of exclusive new databases with the help of scholars from around the world. Data creation is a new area for Logos, but we're confident that the databases and morphologies being built will pave the way for the next revolution in electronic Bible study!

The company has grown a great deal in recent years to accommodate new projects, enhanced customer support, and an increased rate of text development. Headquartered in Bellingham, Wash., Logos currently has a staff of around 130, with some employees located at a South African subsidiary.

Libronix Today

Logos Bible Software Series X is built around a core "software engine" called Libronix Digital Library System. Libronix Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Logos Research Systems, Inc., delivers technology and services that help publishers build one-to-one relationships with users through an integrated, commerce-enabled digital library system. Libronix can be found on the web at:


Bob Pritchett, president/CEO, Logos Research Systems, Inc., and Libronix Corporation

Bob Pritchett has been programming computers since he was eight years old. As a freshman in high school he founded a software company and developed and marketed programming tools used worldwide. He left high school a year early to attend Drexel University in Philadelphia, where he majored in Computer Science. After a second internship at Microsoft Corporation he left Drexel to accept a position as one of Microsoft's youngest program managers ever.