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The Link, Vol 6 Issue 6, p. 85, 96

Passionate Bible Study?

Imagine walking into the room where your son is working on the computer…and you catch him at it again. There he is, with Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, all open on the screen, deeply engrossed in studying a passage of Scripture! He turns to you with a sheepish grin and says, "Hey Mom, I guess you were right about Satan twisting Bible verses when he tempted Jesus. The devil quoted Psalm 91 but Jesus trumped him with Deuteronomy 6:16. I was just reading all about it!"

Let me ask you this…would anything make you happier than seeing your children excited to study the Bible? Seeing them take the initiative to search out the deep truths of Scripture and understand for themselves?

No "Buts"

To make this dream a reality, you will need to overcome some common complaints kids have about Bible study:

"But the Bible is hard to understand."

"I can’t find x in the Bible."

"But I don’t know where to look up more information on topic y."

"Why can’t the information be all in one place rather than spread out over all these books?"

Today’s top-notch Bible software programs make these complaints obsolete. The technology dissolves unnecessary obstacles while respecting kids’ intelligence and curiosity. In fact, the best Bible study tools cultivate the important arts of observation and research: investigating a text in depth, consulting important sources, sifting opinions and reaching a thoughtful conclusion.

Not to mention that CD-ROMs can provide hundreds of Bible reference books that would run into the thousands of dollars in print, for just a fraction of that price! And they don’t take up any more of your valuable shelf space!

Indeed, with some of the amazing Bible study technology available today, it’s a waste not to put your computer to use for Bible study.

Bible Library in a Box

If you’re ready to help your family get seriously excited about Bible study then it’s time for Christian Home Library – Logos Bible Software Series X. This software package is custom designed for homeschool families and puts a library of 60 Bibles and Bible reference books at your fingertips!

Titles strike a balance between time-honored classics (e.g., Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible, My Utmost for His Highest) and current works from trusted publishers (e.g., New Bible Dictionary, Bible Knowledge Commentary). Included are Bible translations, Bible commentaries, topical Bibles, language tools such as lexicons and dictionaries, devotionals, maps, and more! There are even a handful of titles especially for the homeschool family, such as ABCs of Evolutionism, Foundations for Creationism, and Harmony of Science and Scripture.

Bible Study Made EASY

What really sets Christian Home Library apart, though, is that it’s incredibly easy to use. Just enter passage, click "Go!" No complicated syntax or puzzling menus to master, no manuals to wade through…this is so easy to use that kids (and their parents) can start using it right away!

Let’s say you want to study the Temptation of Christ but can’t remember the reference. Open the Christian Home Library software, type temptation of Christ into the Passage search box, and click "Go!" The software searches your Bibles and suggests a match: Luke 4:1-13. Click the reference and your preferred Bible pops open to Luke 4 and simultaneously launches Passage Guide, a central "control panel" from which you can explore the passage.

From here on out, it’s up to you how in-depth you want to get. You can quickly browse a few commentaries, dig deep into studying a Greek word, or anything in between. Just click to get from one place to another…no convoluted Boolean searches needed! All of the following are just one click away from the central Passage Guide:

Commentaries: Passage Guide lists three commentaries dealing with the passage. Click on one (e.g., The Bible Reader’s Companion) and it opens to the entry for Luke 4.

Cross references: The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge provides cross-references for each verse in the passage. Hover your mouse over a reference and that verse appears (in your favorite version) in a pop-up display. Click on the reference and your open Bible jumps to that verse.

Topics: The Passage Guide also lists 17 topics related to the Luke 4 passage, including Wilderness, Temptation, Ambition, Suicide, and Satan. With just a few clicks, you’re reading the "Wilderness" entry in New Bible Dictionary!

Compare translations: Logos Bible Software Series X lets you do things not even possible in print! The Parallel Bible Versions feature in Christian Home Library gives you a parallel Bible you can customize with a mouse click. Choose which versions to use, the order they should be displayed on your screen, and even save the configuration to make it your default.

Word study: Here’s where Christian Home Library takes you deeper. From the Passage Guide, a single click launches the Word Study Guide, which reads Luke 4:1-13 and spits out a report with details on every word in the passage. The report displays each word in its original language (Greek or Hebrew), transliterated, in translation, and as a Strong’s number. Simply hover the mouse over a word’s Strong’s number to see its entry in the Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon. Or generate the Englishman’s Concordance, which looks up every occurrence of a Greek or Hebrew word and displays all verses where it appears in an English-language Bible.

Search Entire Library for Passage: Search Entire Library for Passage is the fine-tooth comb or catch-all net that ensures you’ve found all relevant material in every book you own. For example, it uncovered an entry buried deep in Easton’s Bible Dictionary, which gives the following detailed information about the "pinnacle of the temple" where Satan tempted Jesus: "… At the south-eastern corner the roof of [the temple court] cloister was some 300 feet above the Kidron valley. The pinnacle, some parapet or wing-like projection, was above this roof, and hence at a great height, probably 350 feet or more above the valley."

It’s important to remember that everything described above was accomplished by typing temptation of Christ and clicking. That’s it. Logos Bible Software Series X removes unnecessary obstacles to Bible study! It helps kids learn how to study the Bible, equips them with a Bible library for class assignments, and gets them motivated to study on their own. And great news! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to build a Bible reference library you’re proud of—Christian Home Library gives you 60 great titles for just pennies on the dollar.

When you want to expand your digital library with new material, Logos makes that easy, too! The discs that ship with Christian Home Library contain hundreds of additional titles that can be unlocked and integrated into the library. No download necessary. All told, there are over 3,800 titles from more than 100 publishers compatible with Logos Bible Software Series X!

Logos offers free updates to the core engine via download, free tech support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can’t go wrong!

For class assignments, personal study and daily devotions, nothing compares with Christian Home Library. Best of all, it’s a great way to get your family excited about Bible study!

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