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Advertisement published in Preaching magazine, June 2004
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Last Night I Had a Dream...

by Dan Pritchett

I was in my office. It was pitch black and I was suffocating. I was glued to my chair—and sinking in quicksand—but it wasn’t quicksand, and I wasn’t actually sinking. I couldn’t see anything but it was more like being buried alive than sinking.

Buried Alive

I was being buried by all the things that take up my time—the good, the bad, and everything inbetween. Things I needed to deal with and things no one needs to deal with. I was panicked and overwhelmed. I struggled desperately to get out but I couldn’t even move my arms or legs, much less get above the constant accumulation of little things that continued to bury me deeper and deeper.

Then for some reason I was having a conversation with an old picture hanging on my wall and asking it how I could block off chunks of time where I could study the Bible and prepare for Sunday’s sermon without interruption, and how to get back into serious Bible study like I had when I first started in ministry, before all the pressures of “running the business” of church got to me.

The Parking Lot

The scene blurred again and I was in the middle of the parking lot. My secretary was standing in front of me running through this huge list of things I had to do, and people who wanted to see me today, and saying something about making coffee for the workers...? …Then I couldn’t hear anything else as this huge eighteen-wheel tractor trailer’s brakes drowned her out as it came to a stop right in front of me.

I walked over to the truck and saw my favorite professor from seminary hop out of the truck and walk toward me. He said to follow him and we went to the back of the trailer and swung open the cargo doors.

Inside was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. The trailer was a mobile Bible research library. The walls of the trailer were packed with thousands of Bibles and Bible reference books, and down the center was a row of desks with a dozen of the most scholarly-looking research assistants you could imagine. “Good morning” they all chimed at once, “What Bible passage can we research for you today?” I was still in shock, but I managed to blurt out “John 15:4.” My professor put his hand on my shoulder and said “We better go get the coffee.”

Still a bit stunned, I started walking back to my office, but before I got to the door I heard the sound of the lead researcher walking up behind me. I assumed he had given directions to his “troops” and was coming inside to chat and get a head start on that coffee, but he said he was there to present their completed research report!

Dream Team Reports Back

He handed me a professionally- designed executive summary, full of exactly what I was hoping for, and a lot of insightful things I had not even imagined. It had full topical studies on all the subjects that were touched on in that verse, in-depth word studies, comparisons of my verse in a dozen or so different Bible translations, crossreferences to my verse, full color charts, graphs, maps, not to mention suggestions of hymns and songs that dealt with the themes in my verse, and much more! He said that his report listed references to all the information on John 15:4 out of a couple hundred of the most popular Bible reference books in the trailer.

While we were talking, I noticed the other researchers had begun to stream into my office carrying stacks of books all opened to the pages they had taken their research from. The lead researcher told me that for any of the lines on the executive summary report, an assistant would hand me the book opened to the right page and paragraph so I could study further—“ just ask.”

The Day After

I woke up with this big grin on my face, still enjoying the excitement of my dream. I picked up the phone and called a friend who pastored a church a few towns over and told him about my dream, and how much I really wanted to have better Bible study.

He paused for a moment, deciding whether or not to let me in on his little secret, then he said, “You might not see any tractor trailers parked in back of my church, but I think I know what you are dreaming about. Why don’t you stop by my office later and I’ll show you.”

When I got there, my buddy sat me down at his computer and showed me his “tractor trailer.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like my dream come true. I had no idea that such powerful tools were available.

I ran out of his office and down to the store, bought my own power tools and loaded them onto my computer that same day.

There are simply no words I can say to express what this tool can do for your Bible study. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Take a peek into the back of the tractor trailer at:

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