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excerpted from "A New Road to Biblical Literacy," Leadership Journal, Spring 2004


How did I preach five times a week, on five different passages? Preaching surveys, rather than in-depth sermons, saved me some of the detail work of preparation. And a computer product, Libronix Digital Library System from Logos Research Systems, cut hundreds of hours from my prep time.

The computer software interlinked parallel Bible passages—the NASB right next to Hebrew or Greek—so that when I jumped to a verse in one, the computer simultaneously presented the others. A feature called Passage Guide worked in the background, silently compiling in a hyperlinked list relevant entries from journals, study Bibles, and commentaries for every passage I looked up. The software also gave me the materials for the handouts.

Still, it was an exhausting pace. Another pastor might choose to do a two-year or even five-year survey instead. But the changes in our church made the work well worth it.


© 2004 by Leadership Journal. Used by permission.