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Entrepreneur Daily, May 10, 2007

Entrepreneur Daily: Beat the Postage Increase

In an article we posted last week, we told you some creative ways to reshape your packaging to save money when the postage rate hike occurs Monday, May 14. One small business came up with another way to beat the increase. Dan Pritchett, director of marketing for Logos Bible Software, was trying to cut expenses when he came across the idea of purchasing stamps from a local stamp and coin store at a discounted rate. Even if an old stamp is worthless as a collector's item, it's still worth the value printed on its face. And as Pritchett pointed out, "The more dollars the local shop has tied up in old postage inventory, the more likely they are to blow it out at a discount."

Interested in giving Pritchett's idea a try? Read the entire article in this blog posting.


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