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Whatcom County Business Pulse, June, 2002

Logos Research Finds Room to Grow in Bellingham

After years in the wilderness of Whidbey Island, Logos Research Systems, Inc., has crossed the water into the Promised Land of Bellingham.

Logos is the leading publisher of high-end Bible software, serving church, academic and lay markets.

The success of their products led them to outgrow their headquarters in Oak Harbor. Since the airport in Oak Harbor was shut down, Logos also had problems with travel arrangements. They needed to have access to a larger labor pool, wanted to be close to a university, and have better access to airports and the Interstate-5 corridor.

The new location at 1313 Commercial Street neatly addresses all those requirements.

Company president Bob Pritchett credits the Bellingham/Whatcom Economic Development Council with smoothing the path for the $4 million, 55-person operation.

“The EDC assisted us with introductions to people who could answer our questions about the area and this put us directly in touch with people in the community.”

Logos began in 1992 with Pritchett and Kiernon Reiniger. The two Microsoft veterans wanted to deliver high quality software tools to Christian users. Working out of the proverbial basement, the two produced the first commercial Bible software for Windows: Logos v1.0.

It quickly became the standard for high-end Bible software and soon the company was producing upgrades and library expansions. Logos v2.0 was released in 1995. The company now has partnerships with 50 print publishers. More than 2,500 titles are now formatted for Logos Bible Software Series X.

Logos is the worldwide leader in multilingual electronic publishing with Bible reference libraries in English, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Afrikaans and many other languages.

The Bible software is built around a core software engine called Libronix Digital Library Systems. Libronix, a wholly owned subsidiary of Logos, delivers technology and services designed to help publishers build one-on-one relationships with users through an integrated, commerce-enabled digital library system.

Most of Logos’ employees now live in Bellingham and the few that still commute from Oak Harbor plan to move here soon.

The Libronix website is Logos site is

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