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The Benefits of Bible Study

We all possess at least one Bible if we are a Christian, but just possessing one does not bring a Christian to maturity.  It takes hard work and that means Bible study.  For all the hard work, there are benefits in the end that far out way the cost.  Benefits can be getting answers to life’s problems, building a foundation for an intimate prayer life with God, or defending the Christian faith, but the ultimate payoff of Bible study is knowledge leading to maturity and confidence as a Christian.

Everyone wants answers, but not everyone knows where to find them.  As Christians, we know where to find the answers, and it is right in front of our eyes through Bible study.  2 Tim.  3:16 states “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.”  So if you have a question about tattoos or body piercing, go to Lev. 19:28 and 1 Cor. 6:19.  If you are wondering if and how you should discipline your children, there are many places in scripture that address these matters:   Pr. 13:24, 22:6 and Eph. 6:4 to name a few, plus numerous stories that give examples of good and bad parenting.

When we come before God in prayer, we spend too much time asking God for things when we should be spending more time in His Word listening.  That is what Bible study does for us.  I learned this lesson from George Muller who noticed a big difference in his prayer life when he started his day with Bible study followed by prayer, instead of the other way around.  He spoke of how Bible study conditioned his mind and humbled him before asking for petitions of God.  And this advice comes from a great Christian, who became famous by supporting over a thousand orphan children, staff and missionaries by prayer alone.  That represents the power of his prayer life. 

Lastly, how can we fulfill our true calling to be witnesses?  Bible study is the only way Christians can defend the Christian faith properly.  Just last week on a radio program I heard a woman who claimed to be a Christian try to defend “God hates divorce” and you could tell she was so ill equipped to take on the Jewish host who claimed to know the Old Testament and referred to Moses’ Certificate of Divorcement.  At that point, she could not respond properly due to her lack of knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments.  I felt sorry for her because every time the host would respond she would be speechless. 

I hope that these few examples of why Bible study is so beneficial will motivate you to start the New Year with a renewed heart for daily study of God’s Word.  I highly recommend for anyone who did not go to seminary Howard Hendricks’ Living by the Book.  As a distinguished professor from Dallas Theological Seminary for over 40 years, he taught some of the top preachers of today how to study the bible.  This book will put you on the path to knowledge, which leads to maturity and confidence as a Christian.

Submitted by John Woodward