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Logos 5 connects you to the Word

Find biblical answers, understand what the authors meant, apply the truth to your life, and share it with the ones you love. Logos 5’s smart tools and massive networked library connect your life to God’s Word.


Logos shows you where to start your Bible study. Find exactly what you’re looking for in the Bible, in your huge library, or on the Logos 5 Timeline.


Logos helps you understand the Bible. Meet its characters, dig into the original languages, unearth ancient cultures, and see what it all means.


Logos connects your life and community to the Word. Study Scripture on mobile apps; share it with those you lead and love; apply the Bible to your life.

It all starts with a base package

Each Logos 5 base package connects you to the Word with smart study tools and an interconnected theological library, so you can apply God’s truth to your life.

Precise, powerful ways to get into the Word

Know where to start

Logos 5 gives you Bible study starter ideas every time you open it. Each day, Logos suggests devotionals, Bible passages, scholarly articles, illustrations, and links to the Logos blog.

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Study by passage

Enter a Scripture reference or topic, and Logos pulls up everything you need to start studying, including Bibles, commentaries, and links to more study tools and media.

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Understand the authors

Target any word in your Bible to discover its original meaning, its Greek and Hebrew roots, and how it’s used throughout the Bible and in other ancient texts.

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Get the facts

When it comes to biblical people, places, things, and events, Logos’ Bible Facts tool connects the dots with profiles, family trees, maps, illustrations, and more.

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Study anywhere

Study the Bible anywhere with free mobile apps. Pick up your study wherever you left off with the synced Logos app.

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See the whole story

Logos’ Timeline gives you the big picture, connecting every major event in biblical and church history—from Adam to our time!

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Know it by heart

Logos 5 comes with a built-in Scripture memory game that helps you memorize entire passages of the Bible—and even learn some Greek and Hebrew!

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Read in community

Share what you find in your studies with your friends, family, and colleagues—Logos ties your Christian community and Bible study together.

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Find what you need

Logos runs lightning-fast searches across your entire library. Just enter a passage or topic and hit “Go,” and Logos opens the books you need to the right page.

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Read on a deeper level

Hover over an English word in any translation to see the original Greek or Hebrew word’s meaning—a terrific way to slow down and get more out of reading the Bible.

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Pick up the skills

Logos is easy to use from the beginning. Start with anything on the homepage, or enter a topic or passage and hit “Go” to get into the Word.

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Your license lasts a lifetime

Your Logos account connects you to your resources anywhere and syncs in the cloud. You never pay for the same book twice, even if you get a new computer or mobile device!

Keep track of prayers

Share your prayer requests with groups, remember to pray for your friends, encourage each other with Scripture, and stay updated when God answers.

Stay in the Word

Choose a plan to read the Bible (or another book) by yourself or with a group, and stick to it; Logos reminds you what to read and helps you catch up if you fall behind.

More than just books

Logos gives you the smartest theological library on the planet. Search Logos books by English, Greek, and Hebrew words, and find your place in seconds. Every Scripture reference links to your preferred Bible, dates link to timelines, and you can read your books anywhere: Mac, PC, and mobile devices.

High-tech libraries

Take a huge theological library anywhere!

Nobody’s desk, pulpit, or pocket is big enough for tens of thousands of books, but Logos puts your library on free mobile apps.

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Jump from citation to source with a click

When the author mentions a Bible passage or cites another book, you can read the source by hovering over the Scripture reference or citation.

Go from tagged dates to the Logos 5 Timeline

In select Logos books, dates link to the Timeline, so you can instantly look at the historical context.

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Save your spot—Logos syncs across devices

Pick up right where you left off, even on a different device. Your Logos account saves your place in the cloud.

Understand the Word

Start with the Bible

Read your favorite translations, compare different versions, and access thorough introductions and biblical surveys. Titles include the ESV, KJV, NLT, ASV, and many more!

Discover the Word daily

Devotionals and lectionaries suggest daily Scriptures and let you follow along with traditional church reading plans. Titles include the Revised Common Lectionary, the Book of Common Prayer, and more.

Explore rich media

Visualize the Bible in new ways with hundreds of infographics, lineage charts, timelines, maps, photos, and more.

Get into the original languages

Discover the original meaning of the text with interlinears and reverse interlinears built directly into many English Bibles. Uncover profound truths with language tools accessible to everyone, or delve into high-end technical works geared for advanced scholarly research.

“It will be one of the best investments serious students of the Bible can make.”

Dr. Roger Hahn, Nazarene Theological Seminary

Gain deeper insight

Learn from experts

You’ll find Logos editions of devotional, expository, and technical commentaries to help you get more out of a passage. Commentaries include Preaching the Word Commentaries, New American Commentary, and more.

Dig into reference works

Define words and discover biblical people, places, and things with numerous Bible dictionaries, reference guides, and encyclopedias, including the Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible, the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, and more.

Interpret the text

Interpret the text. Engage in thorough exegesis and hermeneutics with works from renowned biblical scholars. You’ll find N. T. Wright’s Christian Origins series, the Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters, and more.

“It is inevitable that Pastors in the years to come will collect electronic books, at least along side of if not instead of paper books.”

John Piper, author, Desiring God

Further your ministry

Preach and teach with power

Write better sermons and support your congregation with resources for counseling, church leadership, preaching, Bible study training, and much more. Deliver more compelling messages with sermon illustrations, outlines, and other sermon-prep helps.

Know your theology

You’ll find solid theological works from trusted scholars to help you and others grow in your shared knowledge of God.

Defend your faith

Prepare yourself to answer the hard questions. Resources like the Apologetics Study Bible will help you share your faith.

Remember the church’s history

Understand church history from the Apostolic Fathers to postmodernity. Logos’ many books of church history, such as the 37 vol. Early Church Fathers, let you encounter our faith’s tradition and legacy.

“The library of the future is available now.”

George Lyons, PhD, professor of New Testament, Northwest Nazarene University

Master biblical research

Study ancient texts

Explore the Bible in the original languages with the most important critical texts, like the NA27 and the BHS. You can also study the Septuagint, Aramaic Papyri, Josephus, Philo, Pseudepigrapha, Peshitta, Targums, and numerous other extrabiblical writings.

Get into grammars

Delve into Greek and Hebrew. Logos gives you access to the latest books and tools for linguistic research with grammars, syntax databases, morphological tools, clausal outlines, and more, including Mark Futato’s Beginning Biblical Hebrew and A. T. Robertson’s Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research.

Build your vocabulary

Dig deep into word studies with Logos’ lexicons. You’ll unlock tens of thousands of Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, and Coptic words with resources like BDAG, HALOT, the LSJ, and lots more.

Get started with a base package