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Literary Genre Coding Data Set

Please Note: This data set is unlocked in the following Logos Bible Software 3 packages: Scholar's Library: Gold, Scholar's Library: Silver, Scholar's Library, and Original Languages Library. It can also be unlocked via a paid upgrade to one of these packages.

A relatively small, but incredibly useful new feature included in Logos Bible Software 3 is Old and New Testament Genre Coding Data Set. This tool, featured in the Passage Guide Report, provides users with a brief description of a passages literary typing and genre relationship within the body of the text. Every Bible verse is now tagged by either the Tooman Literary Genre Coding of the Old Testament or the Mackie Literary Genre Coding of the New Testament.

Literary Genre Coding Add-in

The usability of this feature is very clear: it allows you understand a particular passage's relationship to the body of biblical literature by identifying its literary relationship.

For example, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 5, contains a variety of genres of literature, from being a Discourse Sermon to including Old Testament Quotes. By tracking through this chapter in the Literary Typing section of the Passage Guide, you can understand the subtle differences in the sections of this significant portion of Scripture and begin to identify the way the Sermon on the Mount uses differing literary styles to convey Jesus' message.

The newly designed Passage Guide report is accented by this unique tool, placed within a special section of the report. The Old Testament and New Testament Genre Coding allow users to pick up on the literary devices employed throughout scripture and in many cases offers an overarching perspective on the nature of a section of the Bible.

Literary Genre Coding Add-In