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Lexicon Outlining

Lexicon articles are notoriously difficult to read—filled with jargon, abbreviations, and odd formatting. We’ve created the Lexicon Reformatting Dataset to make top lexicons more user-friendly, providing the information you need, fast. Our team has tagged every entry in major lexicons—like BDAG, BDB, and HALOT—restructuring them into easy-to-read outlines. Just select the “outline formatting” option in the visual filters menu and Logos 7 consults this dataset and realigns the text. Lemma forms are justified and the nuances of meanings are indented, letting you search for a lemma then quickly scan the gloss options.

Get started with this feature in Logos 7 Bronze* and above.
This feature works best in Logos 7 Platinum and above.

* This feature is unlocked with the Logos 7 Full Feature Set, which is bundled with Bronze. Functionality requires one the following compatible lexicons, many of which are included with higher base packages: DBL Hebrew, DBL Greek, DBL Aramaic, BDB, BDAG, HALOT.

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