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Exploring NT MSS

The Bible is the most copied and re-copied book in history—and this is both a blessing and a curse. It means we have ample manuscript evidence for the Old and New Testaments; it also means we have ample textual variants we need to work through.

The ancient manuscripts upon which our modern printed Hebrew Bible and Greek New Testament are based can be categorized in several ways:

  1. by the location of their composition;
  2. by their language;
  3. by the writing material used—and much more.

With Logos, you can sort all the manuscripts according to these and other categories. You can quickly discover manuscripts of a certain type, style, or age without being an expert in the field of textual criticism. You can look at the very same evidence used by modern textual critics and Bible translators.

In this video learn how to search the vast array of existing NT manuscripts and organize them in useful ways—and make some fascinating discoveries!

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