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Concordance Tool

The Concordance tool analyzes any resource, listing each unique word, lemma, or root as a heading with all the instances in that resource presented underneath. Faceted options like language and search fields help you quickly narrow the list down to just what you’re looking for.

Get started with this feature in Logos 7 Bronze and above.

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Key Benefits

Find the most commonly mentioned words and concepts in any Bible passage.

Unlike a print concordance, which can only be a static, alphabetical list, the Concordance Tool in Logos 7 lets you sort which words are most frequent. Narrow the Concordance to a specific Bible passage to instantly reveal the vocabulary of a biblical passage or author.

Unlimited Flexibility

Explore by translation, lemma, morphology, or even sense, and watch the Concordance Tool quickly generate reports that would otherwise take an impossible amount of time. Switch to “Biblical Entity” mode for insights into the people in a passage, and further filter by Role. Who was the only High Priest mentioned in Matthew? How does that compare to Luke?

Analyze information from any resource

Choose any resource from your Library to generate a custom concordance. Find which terms are most important to a given theologian, or create a “Works Cited” list to see what sources a writer refers to most often.

Concordance Tutorial Videos