You’ll need a computer

Going to seminary? You’ll need a computer.

I’ve gotta say that we’re a mac family… so we’re taking the 20 inch iMac and the (old) 15 inch powerbook (512 mb). However, I’d really like to get the 19 inch MacBook Pro with 4 gig upgrade… that would be pretty darn sweet. I could write some mean papers on that bad boy. Oh yeah!

Big issue with computers and seminary is that lots of bible programs don’t run on macs… Thank goodness for parallels. Running 2 OS’s at the same time is sweet. We’ve got it on the desktop and it works great. If you’re going to be running something hefty like BibleWorks, then you might want to think about boosting to the 4 gig of ram. That should be able to handle it. Down side… for all the money you’d drop on the Pro, XP, Parallels, and memory… well, lets be honest… you could buy a used car… but you can’t write a paper on a car, now can you?

What about you? Mac or PC? Ding Ding Ding… let the battle begin!

Written by
Ryan Burns

Ryan Burns is a past Marketing Manager at Faithlife and now works at Redemption Hill Church in Richmond, VA.

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Written by Ryan Burns
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