What’s New in the Logos 9 Libraries

Every Logos release is exciting—hello, new features and new libraries!

With Logos 9, we’ve worked for months to add resources users have been asking for and to further round out libraries with the books and guides you need for everyday ministry.

But excellent books are always valuable (and always available at logos.com). So what makes buying a Logos 9 library so worthwhile?

  • You’ll save around 90% off the cost of buying resources in print.
  • Since libraries are carefully curated, you’ll get a wide range of resources without having to search them all out yourself.

Explore the new Logos 9 packages to see everything inside!  (Don’t forget—you never pay twice for the same resources—so sign in to see your dynamic price.)

Here’s a peek at a few top resources added . . .

Logos 9 library highlights

1. Biblical reference works from Carta

Immerse yourself in the biblical world with the 13-volume Carta Jerusalem Bible Reference Collection, now in Silver and above. Through atlases and reference works, they present insights into the ancient history of the Holy Land and the surrounding areas and people, providing a visual background to the beauty of Scripture.

2. Counseling resources

New counseling resources have been added, including Tim Clinton’s guides for biblical counseling, counseling teenagers, and more, plus counseling resources from June Hunt.

And not only do you get new counseling resources with Logos 9—you also get a new way to use them! With the Counseling Guide, you can search for any topic or passage to find curated overviews.

Take a look:

Both the Counseling Guide and all-new related resources are available in Silver and above.

3. New volumes

Popular commentaries fill the Logos libraries’ digital shelves. When you bought Logos 8 Silver, for example, you got the entire Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries—all the volumes that were available when Logos 8 released. But you might be missing some new volumes in your favorite commentary sets.

Now, many of those series have been expanded inside Logos 9. For example, these volumes have all now been included alongside what was previously available with Logos 8 libraries:

  • The Epistle to the Romans, Pillar New Testament Commentary (Gold and above)
  • 1 Corinthians, New American Commentary (Gold and above)
  • Psalms 73–150, The New American Commentary (Gold and above)
  • Ecclesiastes, Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries (Silver and above)
  • The Last Things, Contours of Christian Theology (Platinum and above)

Compare Logos 9 libraries.

General Logos 9 library recommendations

For specific recommendations, chat with the Logos resource experts at (888) 670-3148! They’ll help you make sure you’re getting what you need. This quick quiz can also give you some good ideas.

1. For preaching—Silver or above

With Silver or above, you’ll get a robust library and all the new features that help you do the work of ministry without the busywork. With its advanced biblical studies capabilities and intermediate preaching and ministry capabilities, you can prepare life-changing sermons that don’t take a lifetime to prepare.

2. For academic study—Platinum or above

Platinum gives you over 1,100 resources, like the IVP Bible Dictionary series and Contours of Christian Theology. Its capabilities for biblical studies, preaching and ministry, theological studies, and original language exegesis are all advanced so you can pack more into your study, faster.

3. For senior pastoring or professorship—Diamond or above

Diamond comes with over 2,100 resources, including 68 for preaching and 131 for Greek. You’ll get the entire 55-volume set of The Bible Speaks Today, BDAG, ICC, and much more.

4. For anything—Collector’s Edition

Valued at over $119,000, the Collector’s Edition lives up to its name. Over 9,100 resources provide a wealth of knowledge across genres, so no matter where your biblical interests lie, you’ll find what you need to follow them. One highlight is the 2,044-volume Complete Classic Commentaries Bundle, normally $3,999 by itself.

Logos 9 library affordability

When you know which package fits you best, don’t let cost be a barrier. Here are a few strategies:

  1. Make sure you’re seeing the lowest price—sign in! When you’re signed in, you’ll see Dynamic Pricing that accounts for anything you already own, plus the 15% off launch discount.
  2. Start smaller and go bigger later. For example, if Silver is in your budget right now but you’re aiming for Platinum, you won’t miss out by starting with Silver. Since you only pay for what’s new to you, you can always upgrade to Platinum later—without having paid any extra. (Plus, if you get Silver now, you’ll be able to take advantage of the 15% off launch discount.)
  3. Select a payment plan to start using your preferred Logos package today, but pay for it over time—up to 23 months.

Oh, and you might ask for Logos gift cards for Christmas, too.


Now that you’ve seen a bit of what’s new in Logos 9 libraries and how to get them, go take a look! Since the 15% off launch discount is for a limited time only, don’t wait too long to choose a package and make it yours.

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Written by Logos Staff
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