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What People Are Saying about the ICC Series—Now on Sale

The lauded International Critical Commentary Series (ICC) (62 vols.) is 40% off in May. As one of the most thorough critical commentaries around, this is a stellar deal.

Here’s what serious students of Scripture like you say about this renowned series.

What everyday Logos users are saying

“Definitely worth owning for serious study. Very generous offering.” — Mark S. on A Critical Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles (This volume is May’s free book. Get your copy here!)

“I love all the ICC books. One of the few that goes into every aspect of Bible study and gives you as much information as possible.” — Adam L.

“One of the most authentic commentaries on Romans.” — Heman W. on A Critical Commentary on the Epistles to the Romans, Vol. 2

“Clear, informative, and stimulating!” — Chan Y. on A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Deuteronomy, 3rd Ed.

What the experts say

“While the commentary is very much a tool for scholars, it is accessible to preachers [who] will find that there are few problems raised by the text which have not been perceived by Best and on which he offers helpful comment.” — I. Howard Marshall, Epworth Review on Ephesians

“This is a magnificently substantial volume, the rich fruit of super-abounding labor. This large and generous and patient work does not belong on a large shelf, but on the large desk of any who is willing to engage, no holds barred, with the mind and/or imagination of the apostle.” — Douglas A. Templeton, Epworth Review on 2 Corinthians 1–7

“Most Bible readers have the impression that Numbers is a dull book only relieved by the brilliancy of the Balaam chapters and some snatches of old Hebrew songs, but, as Professor Gray shows with admirable skill and insight, its historical and religious value is not that which lies on the surface. Professor Gray’s commentary is distinguished by fine scholarship and sanity of judgment; it is impossible to commend it too warmly.” — Saturday Review on Numbers

“One of the latest additions to the eminent International Critical Commentary series is this joint production of J. Goldingay and D. Payne. . . . In form and content these two volumes are a fitting addition to the ICC, and . . . are sure to provide a solid foundation for planned volumes on the remaining chapters.” — Jeremy M. Hutton, University of Wisconsin-Madison on Isaiah 40–55

Ready to apply some of the most respected research to your biblical studies? Snag the International Critical Commentary Series today, and see what else is on sale in May’s Top Picks.

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