Want a Polished Presentation for the Year’s Most-Attended Service?

Are you ready for the most-attended service of the year? 

Create a polished Easter presentation in minutes with Proclaim + Pro Media, where you won’t have to scroll endlessly through church media that’s too cheesy or too drab to draw attention. New media were just added to give you even more variety.

Take a look at a few of February’s 30+ new series:
sample of Good Friday church media
Old Testament Judges Church Media Examples
Easter Egg Hunt Pro Media images
Worship Night Community Events Church Media Examples
Welcome Worship Motions Pro Media


If you have a Faithlife Proclaim + Pro Media subscription, all these and 15,000+ more are already in your library! 

If not, try Proclaim + Pro Media free for 30 days—see for yourself how fast and easy it is to create eye-catching announcements, sermon slides, and more. Church Presentation Software ad reading Simple, Beautiful, Powerful: Present with Faithlife Proclaim. Try it free.

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Written by Logos Staff