Two Cent Tuesday – Staying Organized

We have a huge variety of technological aids at our dispense to help keep us organized. From PDAs to Blackberrys to online calendars, our lives can be organized at the tip of our fingers. I’ve never gotten into those methods. In fact, I don’t even use those small agenda books can you throw in your backpack. I try–I always buy one at the beginning of the year, but give up on it by mid-January. I prefer keeping things organized in my head. That method has only failed me once (if you would like to know that story you can take me out for breakfast sometime and I’ll tell you about it).

Still, I need to have things organized. If there is clutter around the house, I get stressed out (just ask my wife). Things need to be in place, and I operate by keeping a routine. And especially as you get farther in your studies, the balancing act becomes more and more difficult and you need to have a way to keep your life organized. I’m working on getting better with writing things down, but I want to know how you do it. What are some of your methods of keeping everything organized? Do you have an efficient system that you think would help us?

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