Training Mailbag: Can I Use Proclaim without an Internet Connection?

We’re starting a new training mailbag segment here on the Faithlife blog, in which we answer some questions about our products from readers.

Whether your questions are answered below or not, we’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment with your questions, and we may answer them an upcoming mailbag segment!

1. Can I use Proclaim without an internet connection?

Yes, Proclaim can work offline. Just make sure that the most current version of your presentation is synced to the computer you’ll use to present.

Proclaim automatically backs up your presentation and syncs it with other devices, but you can also click the sync icon (beside the On Air button) to make sure your computer has the current version of the presentation.

Proclaim does have several online-only features that do require an internet connection:

  • Signals uses the internet to communicate with your audiences’ Logos app to engage them in your service.
  • The Proclaim Remote App uses the internet to let you control your presentation from a different device.
  • The On-Screen Bible (OSB), allows you to add Bible text to your presentation on the fly. When used as a quick screen, OSB requires an internet connection to look up the Bible verse or passage you want to insert.

Learn more.

2. Can I use Proclaim to record my sermon?

You bet! You can configure Proclaim to automatically start and stop recording at specific points in your presentation.

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Hook up your audio device
  2. Add recording cues to your order of service by clicking Add Item > Cues > Start/Stop Recording
  3. Go On Air

You can also make minor edits to the recording right in Proclaim, or you can download the raw audio for more complex edits. When you’re ready to send your sermon out into the world, Proclaim can publish to a range of platforms with a click.

See detailed instructions.

3. Do I need a Logos account to use Proclaim?

With Proclaim, you can add an unlimited number of collaborators to your presentation. To access the presentation, each collaborator needs to have a Logos account.

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We hope this answers some of your questions! If this sparked another, add your comment below, and we may answer it in an upcoming mailbag. You can also find many answers in our help desk.

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