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Top 10 Uses for the New Church History Collection

Everyone wants a comprehensive library, but gaps are inevitable. Maybe you’re happy with your selection of commentaries, but your
church history section could use some love. Or perhaps you have a strong selection of systematic theologies, but haven’t yet gathered a solid lineup of biblical theologies.

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For the new Church History collection, we’ve pulled together a solid lineup of resources from a diverse group of top-notch scholars. Here are the top ten ways you can use the new church history collection to deepen your understanding of the church across the ages.

Grasp the breadth of church history

Wordsworth's church historyTo say a lot has changed In the 2,000 years since Jesus’ life on earth would be an understatement. From the early church, through the Middle Ages, Reformation, and beyond, myriad influencers, movements, sects, and doctrines have shaped the development of Christian history. It’s a lot to take in. Any survey of that varied and tumultuous history needs to be scholarly, robust, and—frankly—long. Wordsworth’s four-volume church history meets all those criteria. Wordsworth eschews a strictly chronological approach to history, instead giving you a bird’s-eye view. His eminently readable style makes plowing through this nearly 1,500 page work as delightful as it is enlightening.

Dig into the lives of the Puritans

Lives of the PuritansMuch misunderstood and often maligned, the Puritans made an incalculable impact on the history of the church in Europe and North America. Even if you don’t appreciate their Calvinist theology and zealous pietism, one thing is certain: you can’t explain the development of today’s American culture without a robust understanding of the Puritans. And if you read Benjamin Brook’s three-volume The Lives of the Puritans, you just might discover the warmth, devotion, and sincerity that has made Puritan writings some of the most beloved works in the history of the church.

Explore the development of doctrine

The History of Christian DoctrinesOne closely related field of church history is historical theology—the study of the development of Christian doctrines through the years. And one of the most trusted and accessible historical theological works is Louis Berkhof’s survey, The History of Christian Doctrines. Plus, because they’re similar in structure, Berkhof’s History is the perfect companion to his Systematic Theology.

Discover the rich contribution of Eastern Christianity

Eastern OrthodoxyLet’s be honest: Western Christians—whether Protestant or Catholic—often overlook the contributions of the Eastern church to the history of the faith. Philip LeMaster’s The Forgotten Faith is a great resource for anyone intrigued Eastern Orthodoxy’s unique mix of prayer, doctrine, liturgy, asceticism, and mysticism.

Understand an influential modern church movement

Holiness-Pentecostal TraditionPentecostalism is one of the fastest-growing religious movements in the world. Vinson Synan’s landmark work, The Holiness Pentecostal Tradition traces the history of this movement from the inklings of the “second blessing” tradition in Catholic and Anglican mystics, through the “holiness” teaching of John Wesley, to the worldwide boom of Pentecostal and charismatic churches in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Access scholarly articles on historical doctrines

Dictionary of Historical TheologyWith over 300 articles on all the major people, places, events, books, and more that have shaped the development of doctrine through the millennia, The Dictionary of Historical Theology is a handy reference when you need to understand major issues in church history and theology. It includes contributions from 173 experts in their given fields, guaranteeing that the information you find will be authoritative and reliable.

Familiarize yourself with a seminal work of church history

The Ecclesiastical historyEusebius’ The Ecclesiastical History is one of the earliest works of church history ever undertaken. Covering every major event up to his time in the fourth century, Eusebius delivers a compelling account of the trials and triumphs of the church through eras of both persecution and cultural ascendance. Ending just two years before the council of Nicea, Eusebius’ History provides a unique window into the church at a time when it was still coming to understand the contours of the “faith delivered once for all to the saints.”

Experience the first 800 years of the church

Dictionary of Christian AntiquitiesThe Dictionary of Christian Antiquities provides a unique opportunity to understand the first 800 years of the church—that pivotal epoch that ends at the reign of Charlemegne and the beginning of the modern era. Along with Berkhof’s The History of Christian Doctrines and The Dictionary of Historical Theology, this dictionary will help you grasp how the church’s greatest thinkers have understood key Christian teachings.

Refresh your understanding of modern church history

The Making of the Modern ChurchA standard introduction, The Making of the Modern Church covers one of the most crucial eras in the history of Christendom. Covering the major revivals, movements, key leaders, theological controversies, and ecclesiastical developments of the last 200 years, the third edition of this authoritative work includes updated chapters on the changing of women’s roles in the church, postmodernism, and more.

See how earlier Christians interpreted the Bible

The History of Biblical InterpretationInterpretation doesn’t occur in a vacuum. To some extent, the way we understand the Bible is influenced by the time and culture in which we live. And to truly understand the meaning of the biblical text, we must consider the myriad ways Christians through the millennia have approached it. That’s why The History of Biblical Interpretation is so important. Focusing on major figures throughout the history of the church, Henning Reventlow’s comprehensive history of hermeneutics demonstrates how major turning points in history hinged on key people’s ideas about the Bible.


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