The Word Became Flesh

It is the time of year when the Church celebrates the birth of Jesus, His incarnation and arrival on earth. With all the hype that surrounds this season, often the wonder and mystery of the Incarnation is lost to Western Christianity. Christ came to earth to reclaim what we had lost in the Fall—life and communion with God. The promise of that restoration became very real for mankind when Jesus walked this earth. So often Christmas passes by in a blur, but we need to slow down and dwell on Jesus, who “made himself nothing, taking on the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness” (Philippians 2:7). Without this humble act of Christ, there would be no salvation for us. Consider the words of St. Athanasius of Alexandria, who said,

It was our sin that was the cause of His descent; our transgression called forth the loving-kindness of the Logos, that He might come to us and manifest Himself as Lord among humans. We then were the occasion for His incarnation; it was for our salvation that He so showed His love for humanity as to be born a man and to be revealed in a body” (On the Incarnation of the Word, §4).

This season, rest in the grace and peace offered by Jesus Christ. Remember the Incarnation, that God willingly became man for the sake of our salvation, out of His unconditional love for us. Cherish the restored relationship we have to God through Christ. And share this message of hope with a world that so desperately needs to hear it. We hear at Going to Seminary wish you all a very blessed Christmas, and hope that this season is filled with joy for you. May the grace and peace of Jesus Christ be with you and your families as you celebrate His birth!

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