The Search for Quality Stock Photography Is Over

I spent hours trying to find one photo to promote an event at church. One photo. I was looking for a picture of friends hanging out to promote a small group Christmas fellowship. But every free photo I found didn’t fit our church event. 

Sound familiar? 

A task that should only take a few minutes has eaten an hour out of your day. 

Frustrating, right?  

Graphics for churches

Introducing Faithlife Media . . . a simple way to get stock photography, motion backgrounds, countdown timers, and media—all designed for churches. 

You don’t have to worry about stumbling across any questionable content as you search for media. The site is safe and easy to use for your entire staff. 

Remember the search for a small group image that didn’t go so well?  Here are just a few examples of the quality stock photos you get when you search for a “small group” on Faithlife Media.

stock photography for churches blog

Quick clicks to customize your images

You don’t have to be a designer to design beautiful images. Faithlife Media comes with a Smart Media editor, meaning you can add your own text, tweak the style to match your taste, and download in seconds. 

If you prefer to edit your designs separately, you can download images from Faithlife Media as Photoshop files, find tons of church-focused stock photography, and reduce your workload.

stock photography for churches blog

It comes with media for kids, baptisms, Bible verses, seasonal content, countdowns and more. Enjoy quality media, save time on design, and work faster with Faithlife Media. 

Sermon slides—and even sermon research helps

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a complete pack of sermon images from the time you decide on your next sermon series? Well, Faithlife Media has you covered—you’ll find hundreds of sermon packs for biblical topics and books of the Bible that you can use right away. 

Many packs come with slides and templates for:

  • Sermon cover art
  • Bible verses
  • Sermon notes and outlines
  • Songs

Check out this example of a sermon media pack. (If you have Pro Media through Faithlife Proclaim, these slides are built right in so you can use them anytime.)

Additionally, a subscription to Faithlife Media gives you full access to Faithlife Sermons. Here’s the fun thing about Faithlife Sermons: you can easily find sermon outlines and illustrations from other pastors from Church history and today. 


Ready to try Faithlife Media for yourself? Sign up today and have your first ready-to-use graphics done in minutes.

stock photography for churches blog

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