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The past 48 hours

Wow… in the past 48 hours I’ve:

  • Ridden a total of 12 hours in a car
  • Covered 12 square miles of seminary town
  • Called about 35 realtors and home owners
  • Asked the question, “can you tell me about the house?” over a dozen times
  • Committed “breaking and entering” at one house (though no real breaking took place)
  • Had two home made smoothies
  • Been inside 3 potential rental houses (legally)
  • Peaked into, probably, 15 potential rental houses
  • Gotten into and out of the car, probably, 75 times
  • Played with a dog
  • Saw a, probably, rabid ratquilrmunk (rat-squirl-chipmunk hybrid)
  • Been attacked by a 3 pound dog
  • Been nauseated at a very bizarre community where everyone was white, drove BMW’s, and had horses on their shirts
  • Been awoken (twice) at midnight by a vibrating phone
  • Missed my wife and kids tremendously
  • Searched for houses online for 3+ hours
  • Gotten a major project covered by a friend
  • Worn short sleeves and flip-flops while enjoying 74 degree weather
  • Had one really strong cup of coffee
  • Spent a lot of really great time with my brother
  • Got to spend less, but very enjoyable, time with my pregnant sister-in-law
  • Saw a strange house with a LOT of yard art and a mural of a waterfall painted on it
  • Felt nauseous on and off (probably stress related)
  • AND FINALLY, found the perfect house for my family to live it for the next year!

Thanks to all who prayed for me. It has been a crazy week and next week is in que to be about the same (included in the week is my 30th birthday). I’m currently at the airport and I think I might nap on the flight home… I think I’ve earned it.

Written by
Ryan Burns

Ryan Burns is a past Marketing Manager at Faithlife and now works at Redemption Hill Church in Richmond, VA.

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Written by Ryan Burns