The Most Common Church Design Mistakes, Revealed by a Pro

Designing church graphics is hard work, especially if you became your church’s designer by accident. 

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Professional designer Josh will show you critical design basics—plus spill other juicy tips—so you can create amazing-looking church presentations in less time.  

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What’s the biggest mistake people make with church graphics?

We’re starting with this one because it’s the mistake that’s most easy to commit—and that’s using too many fonts. We are so grateful to have so many great resources out there. You can find great fonts all over the place, and the tendency is to use all of those fonts on Sunday morning. But this isn’t what you want to do. It might seem a little outlandish from the example below, but this is actually something that I’ve done myself and that I’ve seen happen in the past.number-one church graphic design mistake: too many fonts, illustration

We’ve got four different fonts here, you see that?  

The one on top is nice and fun. The second one is nice and sleek. The third one has this art deco feel. The fourth one feels like it could be out of a Nike campaign. They all look great, but when you put them together it’s like a peanut butter and jelly and ketchup and mustard sandwich.


Learn the rule of thumb that fixes this common problem—and discover six more common design mistakes and their solutions in the free training webinar.

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Webinar: 7 Common Mistakes in Church Graphics. Watch now.

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