The Big Picture of the Book of Hebrews

Dr. George Guthrie discusses the book of Hebrews (:10), and Dr. Steve Runge explains Galatians 5:16 from the Faithlife Language Lab (3:50).

Study Hebrews with Dr. Guthrie

This course is the culmination of over 20 years of research and teaching on the book of Hebrews by Dr. George Guthrie. Dr. Guthrie walks you through the entire text, explaining its complex structure and navigating you through its twists and turns. You’ll learn about specific issues the first-century Church faced and see how we are still dealing with those issues today. You’ll also gain an understanding of the theological foundations laid in Hebrews. Dr. Guthrie draws from his extensive research to provide insight into the priesthood of Jesus and God’s covenant promises.

The aim of this course is that by better understanding what the text says about who Jesus is and what he’s done for us, you will be encouraged to live faithfully and persevere. As Dr. Guthrie states, “Your perseverance in the Christian faith will be in direct proportion to the clarity with which you see who Jesus is and what he has accomplished on our behalf!”

Find out more about The Letter to the Hebrews book study.

Learn the value of Greek discourse devices

Steve Runge’s Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament: A Practical Introduction for Teaching and Exegesis offers readers a book-length treatment of discourse linguistics and how it can be applied to New Testament exegesis and interpretation.

Order Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament.

Discover the world of Jesus

Join distinguished professor Dr. Craig A. Evans on a journey to some of the most significant New Testament archaeological sites. Filmed on site in Israel’s Galilee region, Dead Sea region, and Jerusalem, this course will give you insight into socioeconomic life in the first century and will help you grasp the historical and biblical context of Jesus’ ministry. Explore archaeological digs in Israel by joining distinguished scholars in the field who will teach you the processes and practices of biblical field archaeology. Learn the tools and techniques used by archaeologists and volunteers to find relics buried for millennia. Discover the passion of those who have invested their lives into uncovering and studying material culture. Watch as they unearth objects for the first time after thousands of years.

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