The $5 Secret to Getting Theological Journals You’ll Love

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Ah, theological journals. They’re outstanding resources for keeping up with scholarship in theology—and so much more.

But until now (with the new Galaxie Theological Journal Library Subscription), there’s been a problem.

Three problems, actually . . .

  1. Theological journals are difficult to find, meaning you have to waste your time searching them out and laboriously saving them somewhere.
  2. Since they’re notoriously tough to track down, you could be missing the journal that would be most helpful for you and not even know it.
  3. They’re expensive. Purchases add up fast. The Westminster Theological Journal subscription alone, for instance, is $30 a year.*

The pros of theological journals

Until now, putting up with those problems has been worth it because of the value theological journals provide.

You get the latest in theological scholarship.

You’re informed on the current scholarly debates, so you don’t feel left in the dark or at a loss for words when controversy comes up.

Plus, even if you don’t have time to sit down and read a book, you can spare a few minutes to read an article examining a topic or delving into an issue.

Getting it all: the new Galaxie Theological Journal Library Subscription

The new Galaxie Journal Subscription is 40+ journals at your fingertips, organized and searchable.

New volumes are added automatically so you never have to think about updating your journal library.

The finest in evangelical scholarship—from 170+ years of academic research—can be yours for just $5 a month.

Insights for everyone

Whether you’re a pastor, a seminarian, an academic, or a serious Bible student, you can find helpful articles.

Each Journal of Ministry and Theology, for example, includes “articles on biblical exegesis; pastoral, biblical, and systematic theology; ethics; church history; missions; and ministry issues.”**

Easily explore a wide range of topics in articles like these:

  • “What Is a Healthy Church?” by Bill Gasser, DMin, from Journal of Ministry and Theology, vol. 6
  • “Hermeneutical Ramifications of Applying the New Covenant to the Church: An Appeal to Consistency” by Christopher Cone, ThD, PhD, from Journal of Dispensational Theology, vol. 13
  • “Women, Race, and Apartheid” by Rev. David M.S. Cohen in The Priscilla Papers, vol. 6

Subscribe for massive savings

Galaxie’s Theological Journal Library Subscription is just $5 a month.

Pay month to month, and cancel any time.

Want to save even more? Get 12 months for the price of 10 with a yearlong subscription.

How is that “massive savings”? Here are a few cost comparisons:

  • To purchase Galaxie’s 20-volume Theological Journal Library outright would cost $999. If purchased separately, the cost would be $4,901.59.
  • The Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry, vol. 2 alone would cost $19.99.
  • One volume of the Tyndale Bulletin is $9.99.
  • A single volume of the Christian Apologetics Journal would cost you $4.95.

Put 40+ journals with 900+ volumes within easy reach today for just $5 a month with Galaxie’s Theological Journal Library Subscription.


**Journal of Ministry and Theology introductory matter

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