Streamline Your Study with Customizable Guides

One of the best things about the guides in Logos is that they’re completely customizable. You can tweak them so they fit better with your work flow. That means that your study can be swift, simple, and distraction free. In this video, one of our Logos Pros shows you how it’s done.


How to customize your Guides in Logos 6

To get the most out of customizable guides, there are a few resources we recommend.

  • Logos 6 Gold: To fill all of your guides with resources that are relevant to the passage you’re studying, I recommend you get at least Logos 6 Gold. At this level, most of Logos’ powerful features kick in—as well as an authoritative and comprehensive theological library.
  • Pillar New Testament Commentary (PNTC): This is one of our most popular commentary series, and for good reason. It represents a good balance between solid exegesis and accessible, practical content that pastors and Bible-study enthusiasts love. Logos will pull valuable information from PNTC and serve it up in your guides for easy access.
  • Master Journal Bundle (MJB): We’re really excited about this one. The Master Journal Bundle makes access to contemporary and classic scholarship intuitive, quick, and convenient. If you want to include scholarly journals in your study, but have no idea where to start, the MJB will solve your problems. We’ve tagged nearly 1,300 journals so they’ll show up in the new Journals Section in Logos 6, and every single one is completely searchable!

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How do you customize your guides? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Logos Staff
Unlock curated libraries and Bible study tools for up to 30% off with your first Logos 10 package.
Unlock curated libraries and Bible study tools for up to 30% off with your first Logos 10 package.