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Preaching Prophetically with Dr. Warren Gage

Today’s guest post is by Dr. Warren Gage, professor of Old Testament and senior advisor to the president at Knox Theological Seminary. 

Is the account of the battle of Jericho retold in Revelation?

The church fathers interpreted Joshua’s battle at Jericho as foretelling the end of the world.  Did they understand something we’ve forgotten?

A whore and her scarlet, two spies (witnesses) sent into the great city, seven trumpets sound, a great city falls, the people of God rescued—is Joshua’s battle against Jericho the basis for nothing less than the dramatic narrative of the book of Revelation?

Modern expositors of Revelation have overlooked this completely. What have we missed?

Unravel Revelation with Dr. Warren Gage

These are some of the questions I’ll be covering in my class “Preaching Christ Prophetically,” in Bellingham, WA, October 1418. This class is part of Knox Theological Seminary and Logos Bible Software’s Doctor of Ministry (Preaching & Teaching track).

I’ll show the many likenesses reflected in the extensive literary borrowing between the Septuagint account of Jericho and John’s Revelation. We’ll explore the interpretive significance of these connections to help us understand the most mysterious book of the New Testament—yet the book with the most beautiful visions of Jesus in all the Bible.

This course seeks to establish a clear framework within the Scripture for understanding Revelation: its genre, its symbols, and its meaning to the church today.

* * *

Save your seat at Dr. Gage’s class today. We’ll see you in Bellingham!

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Tayler Beede
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Written by Tayler Beede