Pinterest—A New Way to Share Logos with Your Friends

There’s a lot of buzz about Pinterest right now. Pinterest, a virtual bulletin board, allows you to share visual information with your friends. Bible study resources may be our expertise, but today we’re sharing some fun ways to build your pinboards with Logos.

  1. Share scripture graphics. We’ve created hundreds of graphic art slides with Bible verses, and we share them daily.
  2. Share inspirational or helpful books. We will be posting books based on themes such as Prayer, Marriage and Parenting.
  3. Share pictures of your church or hometown. Logos is located in Bellingham, WA so you’ll occasionally see pictures of downtown and the surrounding natural landscapes.
  4. Videos are a fun, too! We’ve produced several videos to show how fun it is to work at Logos as well as tutorials on how to use Logos.
  5. Pin the latest Free Book of the Month! We’ll be giving away a free book each month along with a chance to win a collection by the same author throughout the year.
  6. Follow the tips from Morris Proctor’s board! Here, you’ll find many Logos Talk blog posts from Morris himself.
  7. Be sure to use the “Pin It” button to make things easier. Pinterest gives you a button to add to your toolbar. This will allow you to quickly pin your favorite Logos resources and images right to your board.

Pinterest seems likely to stick around as a fun place where people can share their interests. We would love to host a Pinterest-related contest; can you help us think of some fun ideas?

Written by
Nate Smoyer

Nate Smoyer was a new products manager at Faithlife for over four years and now serves as Director of Marketing for Avail.

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Written by Nate Smoyer