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1 Corinthians Bible Study Index – Reta’s Reflections by Reta Halteman Finger situates Paul’s Corinthian correspondence in its cultural context. (Link added 10/22/12)

Apocalypsis andPolis: Pauline Reflections on the Theological Politics of Yoder, Hauerwas, and Milbank by Douglas Harink argues that Paul’s gospel was intrinsically political. (Link updated 4/15/11)

A Polite Bribe: Paul’s Final Journey to Jerusalem by Robert Orlando is a Huffington Post article about the new documentary, A Polite Bribe. (Link added 5/7/12)

In Search of Paul by John Dominic Crossan is an excerpt from his latest book. (Link added 2/12/05) Another excerpt is available here. (Link added 1/12/06)

My interview with Robert Orlando, director of A Polite Bribe by Mark Goodacre is a video interview. (Link added 6/15/14)

N.T. Wright and New Insights on Paul is a podcast interview of N.T. Wright by Jerry Bowyer. (Link added 4/15/11)

On Earth, Not in Heaven: Paul’s Scriptures and the Political Salvation of Israel in Romans 9 – 11 by Mark Reasoner explores the imperial background of this key passage. (Added 4/10/10)

Paul and Caesar: A New Reading of Romans by N.T. Wright is ‘a lightly revised version’ of Wright’s 2000 Manson Memorial Lecture.  (Link added 1/24/05)

Paul: Leader of a Jewish Revolution by N.T. Wright is a Bible Review column. Also available in PDF format as Paulo, Líder de uma Revolução Judaica. (Link added 9/5/05)

Paul’s Gospel and Caesar’s Empire by N.T. Wright explores the counter-imperial aspect of Paul’s essentially Jewish gospel. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 4/15/11)

Spectres of Paul: An Interview with with Neil Elliott is a recently posted blog post. (Link added 6/14/15)

‘The Ultimate Sinner’: Paul & the Antichrist in Political Context by James R. Harrison is a paper delivered at the 125th SBL Annual Meeting 2005, Philadelphia, in the “Paul and Politics’ section. Available in PDF format. (Added 12/13/05)