Pastor, You’re Not Crazy: You Really Are Stretched Too Thin

Here at Faithlife, we know you went into ministry because you were called by God to serve his people. It’s not an easy route to success, that’s for sure. 

But you’ve probably faced times (even now!) when you’re not sure how you’re supposed to do ministry when you’re swamped by all the other stuff that has to get done in your workweek. How often do you have to skimp on this week’s sermon prep so you can post last week’s sermon on your church website? Or wait to call a small group leader because you need to finish your church newsletter?

Too often, pastors wind up feeling overworked, and it comes out in their sermons, interpersonal ministry, and even their family.

Now, we’re a software company and a bookseller. We can’t fix everything that makes pastoring a challenge (though we can point you to resources that might help). But what we can do—and what we’re excited to tell you more about—is handle the time-sucking tasks that keep you from fulfilling your calling (and going home at 5:00).

Sign up to join us for our live reveal at 10:00 a.m. (PT) on April 20. We’ll show you how Faithlife is serving churches like yours—while giving you more time for what matters.

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Written by Logos Staff
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