New from Morris Proctor: A Practical Video Course on Preaching

Preaching. When it’s great, you never want to go home. When it’s poor, your mind wanders and you day dream and suddenly develop keen insights into why so many people skip church.

I often ask, “Does your pastor preach well?” I often get the answer, “My pastor has a real heart for ministry and is a kind and compassionate person.”

This is good, but at the heart of the matter a preacher needs to be skilled at preaching. It is a New Testament prescribed method for building our faith by understanding God through his Word. Everybody knows that good preaching is a good idea, but few make it a priority.

I can think of no single thing that would have greater impact in the local church than absolutely great preaching during that single hour when the majority of the church members are present. With this in mind, I want to endorse Morris Proctor’s practical course on sermon preparation, the I-Beam of Message Building.

Whether you have been preaching for years and just need to revitalize your sermon prep or whether you want to be a better teacher, or perhaps you feel called to ministry but realize you will never be able to go back to school, this is the tool for you.

Morris Proctor is a master teacher and communicator. I have seen him receive a standing ovation for teaching the technical details of Bible software! As the Logos authorized trainer he has taught literally thousands of pastors to more effectively study using Logos.

But the I-Beam of Message Building is not about Logos or study. It is about preaching. It picks up where Logos leaves off. The I-Beam of Message Building is designed to help you communicate effectively those truths you already discovered in your Bible study. This is video training on sermon preparation. It neither requires Logos, nor assumes that you use any computer aided tools. This more like a preaching class than a Bible study. The end purpose is to make you a better speaker or preacher.

Want to see Morris preach? Take a look!

You have just a few more weeks to get I-Beam of Message Building at the Pre-Pub discount. Place your order now!

Written by
Dale Pritchett
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Written by Dale Pritchett