A Covenantal View of Atonement by Caleb F. Heppner articulates an alternative Anabaptist view of atonement. (Updated 4/17/04)

A Man More Sinned Against than Sinning? A Response to Carl Trueman by James D.G. Dunn. This response to Carl Trueman reiterates Dunn’s affirmation of justification by grace through faith. (Added 2/15/04)

An Evening Conversation on Paul with James D.G. Dunn and N.T. Wright is an edited transcript of the second half of a conversation recorded on October 25, 2004. (Added 1/11/07) The complete Conversation can be downloaded in PDF format from the N.T. Wright Page. (Link added 4/29/07)

A “New Perspective” Reading of Central Texts in Romans 1-4 by Don Garlington is a paper prepared for the Evangelical Theological Society. Available in PDF format. (Added 8/15/06)

An Interview with Filmmaker Robert Orlando by Mark M. Mattison explores Orlando’s project to create a documentary on Paul. (Updated 5/22/06)

A Response to “Not the New Perspective” by Kevin Bywater. This article addresses the criticism of Francis Watson. (Added 8/20/04)

A Shorter Commentary on Galatians by Don Garlington is a less technical version of An Exposition of Galatians: A Reading from the New Perspective. Available in PDF format. (Added 5/11/08)

A Study on the Meaning of Erga Nomou in Pauline Theology by Yasuhiro Yamamoto is an English translation of the Japanese original. Available in PDF format. (Updated 6/30/10)

A Summary of the New Perspective on Paul by Mark M. Mattison. A chronological overview with some theological reflection. (Updated 6/22/06) Also available in PDF format as Povzetek novega pogleda na teologijo apostola Pavla, published in the Slovenian Journal Dialogi, Vol. 1-2/2009 (Added 6/24/09) and summarized in 什麽是保羅神學的“新視角”? (Link added 8/18/12). A Criticism has been prepared by Chan Lai Ping. (Link added 6/19/02)

Demythologizing the Gospel by Rance Darity. The Christian gospel is not just about the status of the individual before God, but about social justice as well. (Added 5/6/99)

Evangelio y Teología en Gálatas por N.T. Wright, traducido por L.A. Jovel y revisado por J. Navarro. Available in PDF format. (Added 2/4/06) Also available in HTML format here (link added 2/22/06) and in PDF format as Gospel and Theology in Galatians.

Initial Reflections on “A Polite Bribe” by Mark M. Mattison is a review of Robert Orlando’s new documentary on Paul. (Added 12/2/12)

Interdisciplinary Academic Seminar: New Perspectives on Paul and the Jews is a report by Thomas A. Vollmer of a seminar hosted at K.U. Leuven in September of 2009. (Link added 12/4/09)

Justification and the Righteousness of God in the Pauline Corpus by Wan Chee Keong argues that whereas in Galatians and Philippians the covenant aspect of justification is primary, nevertheless in other Pauline letters the individual “acquittal” aspect is primary. (Updated 4/27/10)

La Nueva Perspectiva de Pablo por Michael B. Thompson traducido por L.A. Jovel y revisado por J. Navarro is an excellent introduction to the new perspective. Available in PDF format. (Added 5/22/06)

Letting Paul be: A Radical Interpretation of Galatians by Wan Chee Keong argues for an approach to Galatians largely sympathetic to the new perspective. Available in PDF format. (Added 3/30/07)

New Perspectives on Evangelism: Insights from Biblical Theology by Aram DiGennaro considers the theology of Christian evangelism in light of the new perspective. (Added 7/6/05)

N.T. Wright’s Treatment of the Theology of Justification by Todd McClure is a summary of Wright’s position. (Added 8/7/04)

Not Either/Or but Both/And by Wan Chee Keong. This article argues that the new perspective and Lutheran theology need not be held in tension. (Updated 5/22/06)

On Being Tendentious: D.A. Carson’s ‘Summaries and Conclusions’ in Justification and Variegated Nomism, Vol. 1 by Kevin Bywater considers Carson’s misrepresentation of the contents of that volume. Available in PDF format. (Added 4/21/07)

Paul as the New Abraham by Pamela Eisenbaum. Postulating Abraham as Paul’s missionary model helps explain the seeming contradictions in Paul’s understanding of himself. (Added 1/18/03)

Písteōs Iēsou Christou: The Faithful life of Jesus Christ and Covenant Fulfillment in the Judeo-Christian Narrative by R. Scot Miller argues for a narrative approach to the pístis Christou debate. Available in Microsoft Word format using the free TekniaGreek font. (Added 8/12/08)

Review Essay of “Cracking the Foundation of The New Perspective on Paul: Covenantal Nomism Versus Reformed Theology” by Robert J. Cara. A response by Don Garlington. (Added 9/15/17)

Review Essay of “Tom Wright and the Search for Truth: A Theological Evaluation” by Tom Holland. A response by Don Garlington. (Added 8/20/18)

Studies in the New Perspective on Paul by Don Garlington is a comprehensive collection of Garlington’s on-line essays and reviews on the new perspective to date. Available in PDFformat. (Added 7/23/08)

The New Perspective and Catholic-Protestant Debate by Edward L. Hamilton. The new perspective presents unique challenges to both Protestant and Catholic approaches to justification. (Added 8/2/02)

The New Perspective on Paul by James D.G. Dunn is the 1982 Manson Memorial Lecture in which Dunn coined the phrase “the new perspective on Paul.” (Added 12/17/07) Now available for the first time in Portuguese as A Nova Perspective Sobre Paulo, translated by Edson Luis. Available inPDF format. (Added 10/5/08)

The New Perspective on Paul: A Bibliographical Essay by Michael F. Bird is an extensive listing of resources. (Updated 11/11/05)

The New Perspective on Paul: An Appraisal Two Decades On by Don Garlington is an overview from a sympathetic Reformed perspective. Available in PDF format. (Added 5/2/05)

The “Righteousness” of Romans and Galatians, and the Gospel of Christ by Edward L. Hamilton. The new perspective can help to account for the difference of emphasis and terminology between the Gospels and Paul. (Added 10/4/02)

The Shape of Justification by N.T. Wright. This eloquent response to Paul Barnett also addresses the most serious criticisms of a variety of authors. (Updated 2/7/02) Also available as El estado de la justificación, traducido por Eva Navarro Estrada, revisado por Jonathan Navarro Estrada (added 5/26/05) and in HTML format here. (Link added 2/22/06)

The Testament of Abraham: What is its Message? How has it been (mis)used? What can we Learn? by Kevin Bywater examines the way in which this text has been used by critics of the new perspective. Available in PDF format. (Added 4/21/07) VanLandingham on Testament of Abraham is a follow-up blog entry. (Added 5/3/07)

Tom Holland on the New Perspective by Mark M. Mattison reflects on a March 2006 lecture at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. (Updated 2/23/13) Tom Holland’s response is now included. (Added 10/8/06)

Toward a Richer Doctrine of Justification by Wan Chee Keong. This article considers multiple facets of justification. (Added 8/26/04)

What Is the New Perspective on Paul? by Edward L. Hamilton. A brief summary. (Added 3/21/02)

What’s it All About? by Don Garlington asks why the new perspective should be controversial among Protestants given broad agreement over texts such as Romans 1:5 and 2:13. Available inPDF format. (Added 8/9/08)

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