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From the New Perspective

Abraham in Romans 4: The Father of All Who Believe by Michael Cranford. This article from New Testament Studies examines Romans 4 from the new perspective. (Link updated 3/25/16)

An Evening Conversation on Paul with James D.G. Dunn and N.T. Wright edited by Mark M. Mattison. (Updated 3/25/16)

Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright: Full Transcript is an interview from Radio National’s ‘The Religion Report.” (Link updated 3/25/16)

Boast Not in Your Righteousness from the Law: A New Reading of Romans 10.6-8 by Douglas C. Mohrmann was published in the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 3/25/16).

Communion and Koinonia: Pauline Reflections on Tolerance and Boundaries by N.T. Wright. This article from Latimer Focus explores modern-day applications of Paul’s teaching. (Link updated 3/25/16)

Creation and Covenant by N. T. Wright is an excerpt from his book Paul: In Fresh Perspective. (Link added 1/10/10)

Ecclesiology and Ethics in 1 Corinthians by Richard B. Hays was published in Ex Auditu. (Link updated 3/25/16)

Exchanging Passions: The Apostle Paul’s Economy of Religious Identity by Paul Bellan-Boyer argues that Paul presents two economic models for passion: those of the empire, and those of the messianic community. Available in Microsoft Word format. (Link updated 3/25/16)

God’s Gospel, God’s Son, God’s Righteousness is the first of three lectures by N.T. Wright from a seminar named “Preaching and Teaching Romans” held on January 25, 2003 at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. New Exodus, New Creation, New Humanity is the second lecture. ‘All Israel’ and the Church’s Task is the third. Each lecture is available in RealAudio format. (Links updated 3/25/16)

Gospel and Theology in Galatians by N.T. Wright is reprinted from L. Ann Jervis and Peter Richardson, eds., Gospel in Paul: Studies on Corinthians, Galatians and Romans for Richard N. Longenecker. Available in PDF format. (Link added 11/14/04) Also available in PDF format as Evangelio y Teología en Gálatas. (Added 2/4/06)

Incorporated Righteousness: A Response to Recent Evangelical Discussion Concerning the Imputation of Christ’s Righteousness in Justification by Michael F. Bird was published in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 3/25/16)

Interpreting Romans Theologically in a Post-“New Perspective” Perspective by Brendan Byrne. This article from Harvard Theological Review moves beyond the polemics of the new perspective into a plausible theological synthesis. (Link updated 3/25/16)

Introduction to The Epistle to the Galatians by James D.G. Dunn lays the foundation of Dunn’s approach to Galatians. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 3/25/16)

Is Paul the Father of Misogyny and Antisemitism? by Pamela Eisenbaum. This articulate treatment from Cross Currents argues against misogynist and anti-Semitic interpretations of Paul. (Link added 5/31/01)

Judaism, the Circumcision of Gentiles, and Apocalyptic Hope: Another Look at Galatians 1 and 2 by Paula Fredriksen is an article from the Journal of Theologial Studies. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 3/25/16)

Justificacion por N.T. Wright was originally published in English in the New Dictionary of Theology. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 3/25/16)

Justification: The Biblical Basis and its Relevance for Contemporary Evangelicalism by N.T. Wright is an excerpt from The Great Acquittal: Justification by Faith and Current Christian Thought, ed. By Gavin Reid. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 9/16/04)

N.T. Wright: Panel Discussion on Pauline Theology with Faculty is a YouTube video of a Duke Divinity School panel discussion with N.T. Wright, Douglas Campbell, Susan Eastman, and J. Ross Wagner. (Link added 11/14/14)

On Becoming the Righteousness of God by N.T. Wright is an article on 2 Corinthians 5:21. Available in PDF format. (Link added 1/24/05)

Paul and Augustine: Conversion Narratives, Orthodox Traditions, and the Retrospective Self by Paula Fredriksen was published in the Journal of Theological Studies. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 3/25/16)

Paul and Qumran by N.T. Wright is an article from Bible Review. (Link updated 3/25/16)

Paul and Torah: An Introductory Overview by Tim Gallant outlines a “global overview” of Paul and Torah from an evangelical perspective. (Link updated 3/25/16)

Racial Reconciliation and the Christian Gospel by Timothy G. Gombis originally appeared in ACT 3 Review. Available in PDF format. (Link added 10/20/06)

Reading Ephesians from the New Perspective on Paul by Gary E. Weedman originally appeared in Leaven. Available in PDF format. (Link added 10/20/06)

Reception of Paul by Non-Christian Philosophers Today by Alain Gignac is an SBL paper from the Romans through History and Cultures Seminar. (Link added 10/8/06)

Redemption from the New Perspective? Towards a Multi-Layered Pauline Theology of the Cross by N.T. Wright contains an excellent summary of Wright’s overall approach to the new perspective. (Link added 5/11/08)

Romans and God’s Covenant Loyalty by Rich Lusk is a brief sketch. (Link added 11/12/03)

Romans and the Theology of Paul by N.T. Wright summarizes Wright’s narrative reading of Romans. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 3/25/16)

“Spheres of Influence” in the Epistle to the Galatians by A. Chadwick Thornhill. This article from Horizons in Biblical Theology largely applies Don Garlington’s “partisan” view of ek to a spherical understanding of Paul’s prepositions in Galatians. Available in PDF format. (Link added 2/4/15)

St. Paul in the Big Picture: The Apostle and the Gospel in the 1st and 21st Century by N.T. Wright. This lecture from Calvin College’s 2003 January Series is available in RealAudio format. (Link added1/23/03)

The Book of Galatians: Gentiles are Not Under the Mosaic Law by Chris Miller. This book excerpt interprets the Galatian controversy in terms of salvation history. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 3/25/16)

The Catena of Romans 3:10-18 by Steve Moyise is an article from the Expository Times. Available in PDF format. (Link updated 3/25/16)

The Doers of the Law Will Be Justified by Tim Gallant is a defense of N.T. Wright’s interpretation of Romans 2:12-16. (Link updated 3/25/16)

The Future of Justification Series by Trevin Wax is a lengthy commentary on John Piper’s book The Future of Justification. (Link added 1/20/08).

The Galatian Heresy: Why We Need to Get It Right by Rich Lusk argues that Paul’s dispute with the Galatian Judaizers was not about ritualism. (Link updated 3/25/16)

The Law in Romans 2 by N.T. Wright is an excerpt from Paul and the Mosaic Law. Available in PDF format. (Link added 12/30/04)

The Letter to the Galatians: Exegesis and Theology by N.T. Wright focuses on Galatians’ theological significance as well as its exegesis. (Link added 1/24/05)

The New Inheritance According to Paul by N.T. Wright is an article from Bible Review. (Link added 6/30/05)

The Paul of History and the Apostle of Faith by N.T. Wright is a 1978 lecture. Available in PDF format. (Link added 1/24/05)

The Possibility of Perfect Obedience: Paul and an Implied Premise in Galatians 3:10 and 5:3 by Michael Cranford. This article from Novum Testamentum argues persuasively against the supposition that Paul claimed perfect obedience to the law was impaired by human inability. (Link updated 3/25/16)

The Role of the Law in Galatians 3:19-25 by Doug Ward. This article considers the function of the law after the death of Christ. (Link updated 3/25/16)

The Tenses of Justification by Rich Lusk defends the contention that Scripture speaks of justification in future terms as well as other terms. (Link updated 3/25/16)

The Testament of Abraham: What Does It Say? How Has It Been Used? What Can We Learn? is a five-part survey by Kevin Bywater which interacts with Simon Gathercole and Andrew Das, among others. (Link updated 3/23/07)

The ‘Transgressor’ and the ‘Curse of the Law’ The Logic of Paul’s Argument in Galatians 2-3 by Timothy G. Gombis is an article from New Testament Studies. Available in PDF format. (Link added 3/23/07)