New Music: Rush of Fools and Kim Dexter

Keep an eye out: on Wednesdays, we’ll be featuring new worship music from the week. We hope that the discovery of new worship music will refresh and aid your worship team and church community. Rush of Fools and Kim Dexter both dropped new worship albums.

Rush of Fools

Alabama-based band Rush of Fools gets their name from 1 Corinthians 1:26–31, which gives us encouragement that “small” does not mean purposeless and “low” does not mean unimportant. God uses what is small and low in the world for bigger and higher purposes. Rush of Fools’ new album, Carry Us Now, features 11 new recordings, including a new recording of “Undo,” the song that reached #1 on the AC Monitored charts in 2007. The song “Held in Your Hands,” a declaration of God’s loving sovereignty in our lives, is their brand-new, powerful single, and it’s being played on worship stations across the country. Check out some of the lyrics:

All our yesterdays and all of our tomorrows
Held in Your hands, held in Your hands
All we know to pray and all we’ve yet to face
Is held in Your hands, is held in Your hands.

“Lord Have Mercy” and “Nailed to the Cross” lead us into joy and comfort in salvation through grace alone. It’s difficult to find a song on this album that does not lead you into wonder and gratefulness in your relationship with God.

Kim Dexter

Kim Dexter, formerly the front woman for the band Mayfair Laundry, dropped her second solo album, Reaching, on June 10. “Reaching is more of a worship project than anything I have done is the past, yet is still revealing of what God has been doing in my life,” says Dexter of her new solo album. The album includes bassist Jonathan Athens (Jason Mraz, Jewel) and drummer Aaron Sterling (Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer). Of her worship, Dexter says, “I sing of God’s unbelievable grace and mercy, which He continually pours out on us, and his daily salvation, knowing everything that touches my life has to pass through the hands of God.”

This album is just that—deep praise and a crying out of the God who loves, pursues, and connects. Check out these lyrics from the song “Reaching”:

I have found myself in You
Hidden in Your arms of love.
How strong, how strong Your love for me
In the sorrows of the night,
You are reaching.

* * *

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Dominic Sickich
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Written by Dominic Sickich
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