My New Science Fiction Novel

Commander Chris and the Mystical Orb

Normally I post only information on Pauline studies here, but I’d like to let everyone know about my new young adult sci fi novel, Commander Chris and the Mystical Orb. It’s being printed right now and will be available in bookstores soon.

However, you can pre-order it from Amazon, or just call your local bookstore and ask if they plan to carry it.

Here’s a brief summary from the back cover:

Chris Morinas is not the most popular student at school. He spends much of his spare time practicing tricks on his skateboard and honing his video-game skills–skills that he soon puts to good use. First, he’s accidentally transformed by a lab experiment, then he’s warped to a distant galaxy and embroiled in an epic power struggle.

After evading lunar militia thugs called “Slarmans,” he becomes the commander of a spaceship with an unlikely crew: Ava, a tenacious female space pirate; Pi, the ship’s android; a four-foot-tall talking insect nicknamed “Zach”; and a mysterious cleric named Majubar with a mystical orb staff.

Together they take on a space station in a daring rescue mission before tackling a system-wide civil war and a fateful showdown with an invasion force of intergalactic cyborgs known as “Galaxicops.”

I should mention up front that although this story does contain some implied criticism of institutional religion per se, nevertheless this is not an allegory and shouldn’t be read as such. Like any good story, it does touch on ethical, religious, and philosophical questions, but it’s primarily a fun light read. If you like adventure and sci fi, I’d love to hear your feedback!

And we can have some fun with this: I have strategically planted some “Easter eggs” in the book. Look for the allusion to a New Testament verse in the second half. (Hint: It isn’t from Paul.)

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